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Blake Shelton Says He’d Return on ‘The Voice’ After Season 22, But There’s a Catch

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Kevin Mazur / Contributor

Blake Shelton received another notch in his belt after he secured victory during the Season 22 finale of “The Voice.” During Tuesday night’s show, the coach watched proudly as his team member, Bryce Leatherwood, was crowned the season’s winner. This marks Shelton’s record-setting ninth victory as a coach in the popular singing competition. However, the moment was bittersweet since the country singer is leaving after Season 23.

Yet, his career on “The Voice” may not quite be over. According to the 46-year-old, he could potentially return to the show, but under one condition. The Oklahoma native says he could return as a celeb mentor on his wife’s team.

“Oh my god, I’d be honored to be Gwen’s mentor,” he shared. “Whatever she tells me to do, I’m gonna do.” During the finale, it was an extremely emotional event for Shelton and fellow coach, and his wife, Gwen Stefani.

“This is a Barbara Walters moment, I know what you’re trying to do,” Shelton said backstage after the finale. “You’re not gonna make me cry!”

According to Shelton, he was “so wrapped up in the finale tonight,” and his performances alongside his three finalists and fellow country singer Kane Brown that the moment’s significance didn’t hit him until after the cameras stopped rolling.

“I walked over to Gwen’s chair after the cameras went off and she’s over there literally sobbing,” he revealed. “She was like, ‘This is our last time that we’re going to do this together.'”

Shelton also said he doesn’t think this was Stefani’s final season as a coach, saying, “I would hope not for the sake of the show.”

Now that the rollercoaster season has come to a close, Shelton and Stefani can get some precious family time together as they get ready to spend the Christmas holiday together.

Blake Shelton reveals the holiday traditions he and Gwen Stefani are creating

“Christmas is coming up, I don’t know if you knew that,” he joked after the show. According to Shelton, planning the logistics of celebrating the holidays with his new blended family is like a tour.

“Just having Christmases with the family is a tour within itself… It’s gonna be crazy, but it’s literally our favorite time of year, so we’re excited.”

Although the couple has only been married for a little over a year, they’re already creating Christmas traditions. During an interview on the “Jennifer Hudson Show,” Shelton revealed what traditions he and Stefani take part in around the holiday season.

According to Shelton, the couple loves to cook together. He also joked his neck looks “like a pelican now, because (he is) married to a Stefani who literally cooks everything all the time.”

He added: “Our Christmas tradition has become, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this, because I had never heard of one of these, but it’s called a timpano pasta dome. It’s like this thing that you put all these different layers of different pastas. So, there would be like a red sauce and then an Alfredo and then some other bull crap and then some cheese, and it’s all in this dome.