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Blake Shelton Says His Last ‘The Voice’ Episode Will Be ‘Emotional’ For Him

by Samantha Whidden
Blake Shelton
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

With his last season of The Voice set to premiere on Monday (March 6th), Blake Shelton opens up about how emotional his final episode on the show as a coach is going to be. 

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During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shelton stated that he is expecting his final The Voice episode to be pretty emotional. “I don’t think it’s really gonna hit me [that it’s my last season] until the last episode,” the country music hitmaker explained. “Because when you’re in it, you’re in it.”

Blake Shelton also said that he has already experienced some moments of reflection while filming the first few episodes of the upcoming season. “There’s been a few moments, especially the blind auditions, it dawned on me: ‘That’s it! I’m never gonna beg somebody to be on my team again. Never gonna hit this button again.’”

.However, Shelton did say he didn’t get too emotional while filming. “I didn’t cry or anything. Because I don’t cry. I’m a man,” he noted. Despite his stoic stance, Shelton admitted he wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few tears during the final episode.

“It’s probably gonna be an emotional night, that last night,” Blake Shelton further explained. “I mean, my God. It’s been 23 seasons. 12 years. And I met my wife on there. Everything good that could come from something like that, I maxed it out.”

Blake Shelton Really Wants His ‘The Voice’ Red Chair 

In late January, Blake Shelton stated when he officially retires from The Voice, he hopes he can get his red chair from the show’s set. 

During an interview with PEOPLE, the singer and songwriter revealed why he was interested in taking the famous red chair with him when he leaves The Voice set for the last time. “I feel like they owe me a damn chair though,” he declared. “I mean, who else can sit in my chair?”

The country music star then admitted that he didn’t want anyone else sitting in his chair once he departs from these how. “I’m gonna try to get that away from them. Maybe I’ll have to buy it or something.”

Shelton did note that he doesn’t expect The Voice crew to willingly give him the set prop. “I’m sure they’re gonna say, ‘Well, the one thing you took was a lot of our money, so you should be happy with that,’” he shared.

In regards to whether or not his wife Gwen Stefani will allow the chair in their homes, or if it matches their decor for that matter, Blake Shelton was optimistic about the situation. “Well that doesn’t matter because it built the home, so it deserves a spot,” he went on to add.