Blake Shelton Sells Music Catalog to Influence Media Partners

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Country music singer-songwriter Blake Shelton has sold his catalog of master recordings to Influence Media Partners. The star shared a statement about the “groundbreaking deal.”

Influence Media Partners now owns Shelton’s works from 2001-2019.

According to Variety, this deal was decided upon to “amplify his works and entitling Blake to participate in a share of the profit generated.”

“I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since my first album and single. Sometimes I still feel like the kid from Oklahoma I was back then! While a lot has changed during that time, my passion for music hasn’t. I’m excited to be working with Lylette, Rene and the team at Influence Media on so much of my catalog and to introduce my songs to the next generation of country fans,” Shelton said.

Lylette Pizarro, Influence Media founder and co-managing partner, also shared a statement about it.

“Blake is one of the most exciting luminaries to emerge in both country music and television in the past two decades,” Pizarro said. “We’re particularly proud of the fact that Blake will continue to be an active participant in his catalog moving forward, and to have a tailored joint venture in place that will ensure he remains an active profit participant.”

Blake Shelton Brings Back Iconic Mullet in Music Video for New Single ‘No Body’

Shelton recently released his latest single “No Body.” The music video for the single provides all things country — a great song, line dancing, and the return of Shelton’s mullet.

Bringing the mullet back was a bold move, but not one he was uncomfortable with. In fact, he declared that it felt “natural.”

“Wearing the mullet felt completely natural to me,” he said to People. “Especially making the video in this particular bar. The air conditioning wasn’t on. It was hot in there. Hair was sticking to my neck and the side of my face. And I remember thinking, ‘Oh yeah. This is why I ended up cutting my mullet off. Not because it wasn’t cool anymore or trendy, just because it was physically irritating.”

During his appearance on the TODAY Show, Shelton discussed reactions to his hairstyle in the video. He shared that his wife, pop star Gwen Stefani, likes it.

“I think Gwen likes the mullet,” he said. “Those of us who actually wore them and then wore it out, we don’t think it’s so cool. But to Gwen, that’s like an exotic, weird thing that she was never around people that had mullets.”

However, while he and Stefani liked it, his mother had the opposite reaction.

“[When she saw it, she probably thought] we weren’t moving forward in life anymore,” Shelton said. “You haven’t learned from your mistakes. It’s like, ‘What are [you] doing?’”