Blake Shelton Sends Touching Message While Participating in World Kindness Day

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage)

The weather is getting colder as the 2022 winter holiday season approaches. Making it the perfect time to spread a little warmth celebrating World Kindness Day with some of our favorite celebrities. This special day was celebrated this weekend on Sunday, November 1. And among the stars stepping up to spread some kindness is country music superstar, Blake Shelton.

Blake Shelton Joins The Kindness Challenge On World Kindness Day

This weekend all kinds of celebrities joined forces to partake in the Kindness Challenge while recognizing the 2022 World Kindness Day. Among these kind celebrities is, of course, country music hitmaker Blake Shelton. Shelton joined multiple TV, music, and movie stars – and even a few muppets – posting uplifting messages in recognition of the holiday.

In a Sunday Twitter post, the Nobody But You singer encourages his fans to get into the kindness spirit. Spreading the joy far and wide while participating in the “Kindness Challenge.”

“Let’s spread some kindness y’all!!!” the country music crooner exclaims in the weekend post.

“Join the Kindness Challenge with me,” Blake Shelton adds. Shelton continues in his message by inviting his followers to follow the “On Our Sleeves” movement by focusing on a regular kindness mindset across the board. In his post, Blake Shelton shares a logo featuring two hands resting on a cartoon heart. The logo is highlighted with the hashtag #onoursleeves. Shelton’s post also includes a statement noting the importance of spreading kindness “today and every day.

There Is Nothing “Fake” About This Country Music Superstar

Blake Shelton’s touching social media message honoring Kindness Day this weekend is perfectly representative of the career Shelton has built over the years. However, there was a time when Shelton’s wife pop-music icon Gwen Stefani wondered how genuine one important aspect of Shelton really is. In a hilarious story, Stefani recalled how former The Voice star Camilla Cabello asked her if Shelton’s country drawl had rubbed off on her during the couples’ time together. A question to which Stefani admitted she wasn’t always sure Shelton’s accent was real.

“Um, I used to be like ‘When are you going to stop talking like that,’” Stefani recalls thinking of her now husband’s country accent.

“‘Like, that’s so fake,’” the Hollaback Girl singer quips. “And then it actually, it was his real voice. So, I kind of got used to it.”

We get a chance to see Stefani and Cabello have their back-and-forth about Shelton’s voice in this clip from The Voice. Access Hollywood offers some additional clips of interviews done with both Shelton and Stefani.