Blake Shelton Uses Ruthless Strategy Against Gwen Stefani in ‘The Voice’ Competition

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Blake Shelton isn’t one to back down from a challenge, especially not when he’s competing with his wife Gwen Stefani as a coach on NBC’s The Voice. Season 22 of The Voice kicked off at the end of last month and while Shelton and Stefani have been talking smack for weeks about winning this year’s competition over each other, the former made a ruthless move Tuesday night, blocking his wife from picking a highly desirable contestant.

The husband-wife debacle came as 15-year-old singer Ansley Burns came to the stage. The star hopeful sang a rendition of “Unchained Melody” that completely wowed the judges.

50 seconds into Burns’ performance, Blake Shelton pressed a button that spun his chair around, facing him toward the talented singer. However, in addition, he also pressed a button with Gwen Stefani’s name on it, meaning he blocked her from selecting The Voice contestant for her team. Unsportsmanlike as it might sound though, it seems Stefani had a similar idea.

20 seconds after Blake Shelton pressed the button with his wife’s name on it, Stefani pressed her own button, a big smile donning her face. However, things were turned upside down when the word “BLOCKED” appeared where her name would have been.

Despite that the married coaches are, obviously, super competitive against each other, it’s all in good fun. After they settled the score onscreen, the musical duo laughed off the incident, moving forward with other contestants.

‘The Voice’ Fans Hysterical Over Blake Shelton’s Tuesday Night Diss

While Gwen Stefani will certainly get her husband back with another ruthless move later in the season, The Voice fans took to social media, warning Blake Shelton about the “consequences” of his actions.

“Lol you blocked your wife Blake,” one The Voice fan wrote on Twitter. “Now your in for it.”


“Blake blocked Gwen! I can’t stop laughing!” a final The Voice fan tweeted.

While the duo’s onscreen feud had many The Voice fans in hysterics, it hardly marked the end of their battle.

After Blake Shelton swooped in and stole Ansley Burns for his team, The Voice judges again found themselves arguing over another talented female singer.

Cara Brandisi followed Burns’ performance from earlier in the night with a cover of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.” Simultaneously, both Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani hit the buttons that spun their chairs around. While there was no blocking this time around, Stefani persuaded Brandisi to her team with a heartfelt message, which was likely helped when Blake Shelton’s alarm for some medication he takes went off.

“Um, Blake has to take his medication,” The Voice coach joked, though Shelton actually explained the alarm was genuine, apologizing for the interruption. In the end, Shelton won Ansley Burns and Stefani kept Cara Brandisi.