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Blake Shelton’s ‘Barmageddon’ Reportedly Causing Tensions Among His Fellow Country Artists

by Taylor Cunningham
Blake Shelton
(Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Blake Shelton’s newest project, Barmageddon, is apparently causing problems in Music City. According to a source, his fellow country stars feel like he’s overrunning the city, and they want him out.

“They’re jealous of the way Blake has taken over [Nashville] with his bar and now this show,” the source told Radar on Jan. 10. “They don’t like the way Blake’s stealing their customers.”

The person is referring to both his USA Network competition show and his Lower Broadway bar, Ole Red, which serves as Barmageddon’s set. Shelton created the series with his longtime friend, Carson Daly, and former professional wrestler, Nikki Bella, early last year. It debuted in December and became a fast hit.

So now, tourists are flooding the nationally recognizable honky-tonk, and it’s stealing customers from the dozens of other establishments on the strip that are owned by other country music mega-stars like Luke Bryan, Alan Jackson, and Miranda Lambert—Shelton’s ex-wife.

“Blake’s ego knows no bound,” the source continued. “He’s earning a ton and rubbing it in, saying things like he made the downtown district hot again, which just burns his rivals’ guts. They all came to Nashville looking for fame and fortune, but Blake’s acting like he owns the place.”

Some Country Music Stars are Still Fuming Over a Comment Blake Shelton Made in 2013

The insider also added that some country music stars are still reeling from a comment Blake Shelton made years ago that suggested certain musicians weren’t keeping things fresh. So the Ole’ Red and Barmageddon success is just fueling the fires.

“Country music has to evolve in order to survive,” Shelton said in 2013. “Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music, and I don’t care how many of those old farts around Nashville (are) going, ‘My God, that ain’t country.’ Well, that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass. The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music that you were buying.”

The God Gave Me You Singer sent out a public apology when he realized how many artists took offense to his statement, and he admitted that he could have “worded it better.” Shortly after the apology, he commented that most people forgave him for the slight, but several “friends” in the industry turned their backs on him.

And according to the source, he was, and still is, right.

“They don’t forget something like that,” the person shared. “Now, they’re all hoping the show takes a nosedive and Blake goes back to Oklahoma where he belongs!”