Blake Shelton’s Wife Gwen Stefani Plans Hilarious Retirement Gift Ahead of His ‘The Voice’ Departure

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Although Blake Shelton will appear in the upcoming Season 23 of The Voice, the country music hitmaker’s wife Gwen Stefani is already working on a hilarious retirement gift. 

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Gwen Stefani shared what kind of gift she is preparing for Blake Shelton ahead of his retirement from The Voice. “This is crazy,” she said. “’Cause everyone’s coming after me for ideas. ‘What should we do?’ And it’s hard, you know, he has everything. But I think his favorite thing would be a bag of corn, like honestly, he would be so thrilled. Or fertilizer or something like that.” 

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton’s wife opened up about her The Voice team in the 22nd season. “Everybody has different things that they’re good at,” Stefani gushed about her team. “I have someone that’s just really good at stage presence and you just kind of can’t keep your eye of them, and then another one that’s just like a really skilled singer and then another one that’s like, super creative and talented and unique, so it’s like, I don’t know!”

Stefani also said that she has an incredible team this season, despite competing with Blake Shelton. “I always do, but I feel like there’s something really different about this season overall,” she explained. The singer and songwriter then said she feels like it’s been a really relaxed season. “I haven’t planned anything, I’ve just kind of been in the moment as much as possible.”

Gwen Stefani then admitted to messing with Blake Shelton just a little while making a return to the show. “I was definitely pressing when Blake would press,” she said. “’Cause I like to mess with him, but I also like to follow his taste.”

Gwen Stefani Offers Advice For New Coaches Going Up Against Blake Shelton Next Season 

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani chats about the coaches joining the upcoming season. They are Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper. 

“I’m excited for both of them to be on The Voice,” Stefani declared.“It’s just such an incredibly inspiring show to be on if you are an artist. You look back at your journey, and you just you go, ‘Wow, like, I know all this now, I can share this,’ and I think playing that role has just been so inspiring for me since I’ve been on the show now six seasons.”

Blake Shelton’s wife also admitted that she never thought she’d do a show like The Voice. “But honestly feel like it’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever done which I just never saw it coming. I think they’re gonna really like it.

Gwen Stefani added that the new coaches are going to be inspired in a way they didn’t know. “And I would just say have fun, be in the moment, ’cause nothing lasts forever, guys.”