Brandi Carlile Explains Why Loretta Lynn Is ‘An Example for Women’ in Country Music

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

In the wake of Loretta Lynn’s death, tons of artists have come out with messages, Brandi Carlile had her own to share today.

Of course, Loretta Lynn was a giant in the world of country music. As a Kentuckian, this Outsider grew up in admiration and awe of her music and life story. She brought a small piece of the state, and her home of Butcher Holler, to the world.

As one of the torchbearers and historians of country music and women in the genre, Brandi Carlile made a wonderful statement on her Instagram.

“It occurred to me today, as I was contemplating the loss of our dear and powerful Loretta Lynn, that when she was a younger woman and already a legend, she treated these two women (and many more) the way they now treat me…” Carlile was referencing Tanya Tucker and Wynonna Judd in her post.

“I’m thinking about Loretta’s family today and her many close friends, but I’m also thinking about my heroes and friends [Tanya Tucker and Wynonna Judd] as well. She always had time for Tanya and Wynonna. She always had a kind word for them and wisdom like wildfire. I only got to meet “Retty” with Tanya a couple of times, but today, more than ever, I’m realizing [Loretta Lynn] set an example for women in country music that can be felt throughout the ages.”

The post goes on and is truly worth taking the time to read.

Again and again, Carlile sings the praises of those that came before her. She knows what has gone into getting to where she is in her career. And, she knows without those before her it wouldn’t be the same whatsoever. If you were going to designate an ambassador and historian of the genre, it would have to be none other than Carlile.

Tanya Tucker Remembers Loretta Lynn

Just as Brandi Carlile knows how to give flowers to her predecessors, Tanya Tucker does as well. Like Carlile said in her post, before her, was this other generation and they were learning under Loretta Lynn. Now, she’s the one learning from them and soon, will be giving her own lessons.

Tucker knew Loretta Lynn well and penned a heartfelt message online. In part, she explained how they met and when their friendship began. “I even named my horse after her, but now time has taken her from me forever! But she’s left me with so much to remember and cling on to. I thank God above that I got to sing with her on her latest record.”