Brandi Carlile Reacts to Maren Morris-Brittany Aldean Feud, Fans Weigh In

by Megan Molseed

The drama continues to unfold after country music singers Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope respond on social media to “tomboy” comments made by Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany earlier this week. Now, another famous face in the industry Brandi Carlile is responding to the drama with fans praising the singer for her support of Morris’s stance.

Recently, singer Brandi Carlile responded to the public feud, supporting Maren Morris as she clapped back at Aldean’s wife over her recent transphobic caption on an Instagram video. In the post, Carlile who is a member of the band Highwomen along with Morris showed her support for her friend and fellow singer when she quote tweeted a Rolling Stone article about the feud.

“Bravo [Maren Morris],” Brandi Carlile comments in her recent tweet.

“It’s when you selflessly bear another’s burden that you actually reflect gods love,” the singer continues.

“Way to not tolerate disgusting behavior,” Carlile adds. “It’s tough…but good to see this hidden divide exposed in country music- let your little light shine.”

Now, fans are weighing in on Carlile’s comment, praising the singer for her support of Maren Morris in the feud.

Brandi Carlile Fans Praise The Singer For Her Support Of Maren Morris Amid Public Dispute

It seems a lot of people have quite a bit to say about Brittany Aldean’s comments and Maren Morris’s response to the controversial post. Now, fans are supporting Brandi Carlile as she speaks out in support of Morris’s stance on the Insta post.

“I couldn’t be prouder of @MarenMorris for her integrity & courage here,” notes one fan in response to Carlile’s tweet.

“Bravo indeed,” the commenter continues.

“Right On to both you strong women,” the response notes. “You are the breath of fresh air many of us here have been waiting for. Thank you”

“I mean insurrection barbie was the cherry on top of that nice [Sunday],” another fan notes in response to Carlile’s tweet.

Still, others praised Carlile for her mission to support inclusiveness. One fan noted that they are proud that Morris and Carlile are using their platforms to show support for these issues.

“Could not be prouder to have people like you using your platforms to represent love and inclusiveness,” the commenter writes.

“Keep on speaking the truth,” another fan writes. “You are all amazing.”

“It’s super important and heartening to know you stand behind trans people in Americana/country music,” another Twitter user says in response to Brandi Carlile’s message.

“I’ve seen too many trans lady peers leave our genre because of the pushback,” the fan adds. “I’ve stayed, and statements like this really keep me going. Thank you both for your solidarity.”