Brandi Carlile Reflects on How The Judds Influenced Her Life in Powerful New Post

by Jonathan Howard

Country music lost an icon. Now, Brandi Carlile has reflected on what The Judds, and Naomi specifically, meant to her. Growing up, like many young girls her age, the mother-daughter duo helped her connect with her own mother. Music has such power.

What is wonderful is that this final The Judds tour will feature Brandi Carlile. She’s going to be on a tour that includes some of the best names in the genre of country music. Faith Hill, Ashley McBryde, Trisha Yearwood, and more.

Over on Twitter, the singer-songwriter opened up about what the Judd family means to her, Naomi and Wynonna’s impact on her, and how excited and proud she is to be joining this tour. It also includes a great throwback of a young Carlile and her mother.

“When I was 7 years old, The Judds were my first concert…then they were my second and then my third as well,” Carlile wrote. “I wore a Judds Jean jacket in elementary school with an iron-on patch that my Grandmother stuck onto the back. I was heartbroken on April 30th when the world lost a brilliant and complicated matriarch in Naomi… I’ve always felt like I knew Naomi and Wynonna somehow, right along with the rest of the world. The Judds are in all of our families.”

“I have been asked to sing with my hero Wynonna Judd on the very last ever Judds tour to honor her ubiquitous contributions to country music and to honor her mother – it’s an honor so surreal I’ll never find the right words,” the singer continued.

Like many of us who might consider ourselves rockers… at some point in our lives, we all grew up, listening to whatever our parents listened to. Which wasn’t always that bad, eh?

Brandi Carlile Honored The Judds at Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame induction this year was melancholy. It was a happy occasion for the inductees including The Judds. However, without Naomi Judd there to accept the honor in person, and with the reality of why she was absent, it held a cloud over the ceremony.

During the induction, Brandi Carlile helped honor The Judds. She played Love Can Build A Bridge. Carlile is one of those torchbearers of the classic sounds of yesterday, with the creativity and excitement of today. She’s an award-winning artist for a reason. Her performance was wonderful.

For Carlile, The Judds have a special place in her heart. That’s the same as many country music fans around the country. Here in Kentucky, the Judd family inspired thousands. In music, and on TV, from Hickman to Virgie, Naomi, Wynonna, and Ashley were shining examples for many to follow. This Outsider is going to try and catch that October show at Rupp Arena.