Brantley Gilbert Brings His 4-Year-Old Son on Stage, and He Totally Steals the Show: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden

Aw’ing the crowd with some cuteness, country music hitmaker Brantley Gilbert brought his 4-year-old son Barrett on stage during his show in Georgia last week for a special milestone moment. 

During his performance at Ashley Park in Newnan, Georgia, Brantley Gilbert welcomed Barrett on stage to perform Rolex On a Redneck, which was originally a duet featuring fellow country singer Jason Aldean. “This song is about working hard for the cool s— you got,” Gilbert declared to the concertgoers. “Your Rolex might be a brand-new jack-up truck [or] how about some guns? The moral of the story is hard work will put a Rolex on a redneck.” 

Brantley Gilbert also praised his son for helping him out on stage. “Y’all please welcome to the stage, it’s his debut, this is my son Barrett. You ready buddy?”  Although Barrett did not actually sing the song with his father, Brantley Gilbert’s son definitely enjoyed being on stage and totally stole the show. 

Brantley Gilbert is notably a father to two children with his wife, Amber. The couple was married in June 2015 and welcomed Barrett in November 2017. Gilbert’s wife went on to have another child, a girl, named Braylen, in 2019.  

Brantley Gilbert Says Being a Dad Is His ‘Favorite’ Thing 

During a March 2021 interview, Brantley Gilbert opened up about how much he truly loves being a father to his two children. He gushed that the duo has his heart wrapped around their little fingers. “They’re my smile, they’re my heart, they’re my whole world,” he explained. 

Brantley Gilbert also explained that he feels like he follows his children’s lead a lot of times. While discussing getting Barrett into sports, Gilbert said, “I bought him a T-ball set, a bucket of balls and stuff. And he’ll key into it and he’ll hit for about maybe a minute, and then he’s off to somethin’ else. And my little girl’s much the same way.”

Brantley Gilbert explained that while he’s been a lot of things in his life, there’s nothing like being a father. “I’ve been a biker, a singer, just a lot of things, but being a dad is by far my favorite thing that I’ve ever been.” 

However, while he enjoys being a father, Brantley Gilbert said that his schedule is jammed-packed. This includes both his work schedule and home life. “You know, you get married and you have kids, and you have all these plans,” Gilbert shared with People. “But suddenly, all that time that you really didn’t have in the first place gets cut in half, and then you have kids, and it’s like cutting those halves into quarters.” 

The schedules became a little too much and Brantley Gilbert decided to sell his farm. “We weren’t getting to spend a lot of time there and it was too pretty of a place to have,” he noted. “But then have nobody get to ever see it.”