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Brantley Gilbert Says Jelly Roll Is ‘Leading the Charge’ of New Outlaw Country Stars

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Speaking out against those who are opposing rap being combined with country music, Brantley Gilbert declared that Jelly Roll is leading the charge of new outlaw country stars. 

“I feel like Jelly Roll is leading the charge,” Gilbert stated to Taste of Country. “There’s an underground movement that a lot of mainstream folks have no idea exists. I’m talking about the world of your Adam Calhouns, your Tom MacDonalds, your UpChurches. These guys that are very much alive and well on social media, but kind of kept hush-hush on the mainstream side of things. I feel like Jelly is opening room for them, too.”

Gilbert further explained that the current music generation is very interesting to him. “It’s a cool time in music for me. I like when s–t gets shook up.”

The discussion about mixing country music with rap comes weeks after Jelly Roll called out Travis Tritt for his criticism of mixing country music with rap. “Always remember that when you mix country with rap, you get crap!” Tritt tweeted.

Jelly Roll responded to Tritt’s comment by tweeting,  “This is not a good look for you Travis. [You’re] a legend. Don’t tweet on Ambien anymore please sir. Friendly reminder that Devil went to Georgia was not practically a rap song. So was Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash. I could name so many more. Love you Travis but this is WRONG.”

Brantley Gilbert Reveals Plans to Work With Jelly Roll on New Music Project

Meanwhile, Gilbert spoke about his current projects and working with Jelly Roll. “I would like to put something else out. We’re planning on doing a lot next year. Jelly Roll let it slip the other night that we’re actually working on an EP, if not a whole record right now together. I know he’s got a project that he’s coming with. There’s a lot in the windshield for next year.”

Jelly Roll spoke with Entertainment Focus in June 2022 about working with Gilbert. “Brantley called me and said, ‘Listen, dude, I know you are getting famous for this singing thing but I got a song that I want you to rap on.’” Jelly Roll recalled. “I was, like, ‘Yes sir, Mr. Brantley Gilbert, whatever you say!’”

Jelly Roll also explained that he and Gilbert are planning to work on an EP together. The duo has also already written some songs.”I got a couple of tracks that, God willing, he’ll end up cutting for his next record and I think I have a couple that we wrote that might end up on my next record too. The more that happens, the more that I think we should just put out a joint project. In Hip-Hop, it’s no weird thing that two rappers would come together and put out a 6 song project as a one-off. Rock music, that happens too.”