Breakout Star Sophia Scott Debuts EP ‘One Of These Days’ with Cross-Genre Potential

by Lauren Boisvert

Rising star Sophia Scott has taken country music, spun it around in a cotton candy machine, and turned it totally on its head. Her new EP, One Of These Days, has all the themes of country music, but sonically draws on pop, R&B, and rock influences to create a genre mash-up that’s delightful on the ears and stimulating for the emotions.

Scott first gained attention for posting covers on YouTube, and has quickly skyrocketed into the public eye with the help of her soulful voice and raw, confessional lyrics. She tackles tricky subjects like divorce, addiction, and mental health, but she also has hope, light, and self-love to back her up. Scott has written some pop-country bangers in “Don’t Tempt Me” and “Leather Skirt,” but also explores trauma in her ballads, such as in “Side Effects” and title track “One Of These Days.”

In a statement, Sophia Scott described her new music, explaining, “This body of work is my heart. I am so proud of it and thrilled to finally share this piece of me. Putting my experiences into songs is my way to navigate things and has been the best form of therapy for me. I hope that my lyrics offer hope to those who can relate.”

Sophia Scott Releases Emotional, Fun, Exploratory Masterpiece in ‘One Of These Days’

Right out of the gate, Don’t Tempt Me wants us to get up and dance, like, immediately. “It’s been a long ass week and it’s only Monday” is a sentiment I think we can all relate to; Scott hits the nail on the head with that one. For me, who was an emo kid, “Don’t Tempt Me” is like a country-rock version of alternative-emo darling Panic! at the Disco’s “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time,” only more tame. Whereas Brendon Urie “might pass out in a drain pipe,” Sophia Scott just wants some “f—ed up karaoke.”

Leather Skirt is another song that makes me want to get up and shake it; it’s very plainly a love song to every girl’s leather skirt, but rhythmically it’s innovative and sonically it’s endlessly catchy. Scott’s voice gets a little slippery, a little bluesy, as she bobs through the melody. It’s slinky, sexy, and fun, just like a leather skirt. This is a club I didn’t know I wanted to be a part of, so, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll now be scouring the internet for a leather skirt of my own.

The anthemic More Me takes R&B and pop influences to create head-bobbing beat with lyrics that encourage self-love, independence, and leaving a toxic man behind. “You dim my shine / You kill my vibe / I was caught up underneath ya / Taking back what’s mine / ‘Cuz I realized I don’t need ya,” Scott sings in the first verse, before launching into a chorus that features a “middle finger out the window,” “small truck energy,” and “a lot more me.” It’s an anthem for regaining your power after a relationship that make you fell small, and, personally, I can get behind that.

‘One Of These Days’ Tackles Tough Subjects With New Perspective

One Of These Days opens on a scene of divorce, a mother leaving her family and a distraught father. Sophia Scott expertly navigates heartache and loss in this song, both of romantic and familial love. “[‘One Of These Days’] tells the story of my parents’ divorce, then my own first love and heartbreak, and finally dives into me trying to figure out my career, bills, and life as an adult,” Scott told The Country Note in March. “Hoping that there is resolve at some point and that all the hard things that have happened along the way start to make sense ‘one of these days.'”

This song is heavy with hope alongside the heartbreak, and the final verse has a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel feeling. Instead of hoping things will fall into place, Scott sings, “It’s gonna fall into place / Maybe one of these days.” It may not happen tomorrow, or next week, but it will; the search for completion and personal growth never really ends, we should always have questions for the universe, but, eventually, things start to make more sense.

What Do I Think About Sophia Scott’s ‘One Of These Days’?

Overall, this is a great debut. It’s cohesive, complementary, and a great mix between heavy subjects and fun, uplifting songs. She blends genres well, and possesses a powerful, angelic voice. Sophia Scott’s performances on this EP call to mind Carrie Underwood‘s drama and challenging vocals, combined with Shania Twain‘s particular sparkle. But, wholly, Sophia Scott has her own style, and it’s in her raw and introspective songwriting.