BRELAND Drops Debut Album ‘Cross Country’ After Working On It For Two-And-A-Half Years

by Taylor Cunningham

It took two and a half years of hard work, but BRELAND has finally released his much-anticipated debut album, Cross Country.

The 27-year-old Country music star announced the release yesterday (Sept. 9) on Instagram along with a moving video compilation that highlights his “journey” to stardom.

The story begins with a Twitter post from August 2 that reads, “I moved to Nashville 2 years ago today. I never could have imagined performances at the CMAs, CMTs, and ACMs, a #1 single [on] the radio, gold plaques, or any of these amazing relationships. Here’s your reminder to take the risk, bet on yourself.”

Then, the clip moves through his humble beginnings as a TikTok singer and into his first official music video for My Truck, which was his first radio single and his first attempt and crossing into the Country genre. The song became both RIAA and MC Platinum certified.

“It was kinda this thing where I said, ‘I want to do something totally different. I want to make a Country trap hit,” he says in a featured interview. “And they were like, ‘yo, you can’t make a Country song. I was like, ‘naw, man, I can make a Country song. I’m about to make one.”

BRELAND’s ‘Cross Country’ Has Something that ‘Everyone’ Can ‘Vibe to’

In the remainder of the video, BRELAND shows fans his versatile style and clips of concerts and star-studded compilations he has already had. To date, he’s crooned duets with singers such as Mickey Guyton, Keith Urban, Nelly, Thomas Rhett, Lady A, and Hardy. He also sang in a trio with Blanco Brown and Nelly.

And Cross Country will further showcase his genre-bending talents, which is exactly how the album got its name. In the tracks, he’ll mix southern twang with hip-hop, R&B, gospel, and pop influences.

“I’ve always been a bit of a risk-taker,” BRELAND told PEOPLE in 2021.”I’m a ‘try anything once’ type of person. And that’s what essentially made me want to release My Truck. I was just like, ‘We might as well try it.'”

In an interview with Forbes, the singer noted that we have more than just a debut album to look for. Apparently, there are a “few collabs” that didn’t make it onto the record because they “didn’t fit as cleanly” with his “creative vision for the album .” So those songs will have to drop at a later date.

“The goal is that everyone has something that they can vibe to,” he added. “But also I wanted it to be a joyful project and a project that feels light and hopefully energizes people and inspires them.”

Cross Country is available now in stores and on all major music streaming platforms.