LISTEN: Breland Releases New Single, ‘Natural,’ Celebrating a Pure Country Summertime

by Lauren Boisvert

Breland is someone whose career we’re watching very closely here at Outsider. He’s already on his way to amazing success, and we just want to see him get there and enjoy every minute of it. Breland has collaborated with some big names already, like Dierks Bentley, Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban, Sam Hunt, and Mickey Guyton; he’s put on great shows, like Breland & Friends back in April; plus, overall, he seems like just a good guy. For example, his show benefitted the Oasis Center, which helps teens in crisis.

So, it’s no surprise that when Breland releases new music, we’re right there metaphorically rushing the stage. He dropped a new single today, called “Natural,” and it’s his most “country” song to date. In his solo work, he blends country, rap, and R&B seamlessly to create his signature sound. But here, he’s taken it back to 90’s country with delightfully choppy guitar riffs and a mix of old- and new-school lyrics about country women.

I’d like to point out that men in country music love to sing about country girls. That’s, like, their number one pastime. “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” by Luke Bryan comes to mind immediately, the grandfather of all country girl songs. What Breland has done with “Natural” is blended his own Gen-Z vernacular with classic country themes and images.

This girl is a “barbeque baddie” who can “drink like her daddy”; she’s got “nothing added,” and she “don’t need a filter.” She drives a stick shift, “dances her heels off,” and can “put a tire on” with the best of them. Honestly, Breland has painted a picture of a pretty cool country girl.

Breland’s debut album, Cross Country, is due out on September 9.

Breland Talks Songwriting Process On Uncut

Back in May, Breland joined Jay Cutler at the Outsider Studios for a chat about songwriting on an episode of “Uncut.” The New Jersey native spoke about his influences when it comes to writing songs, and how he formulates a song in the first place.

When asked how he creates a great song, Breland answered, “I usually write to chords. So, whether I come up with the chords or if I’m with an instrumentalist or someone who’s building a track, that’s usually how I do it. But I’ll also sometimes build chords to whatever melody comes to mind.”

He continued, “I’m someone that if I’m not speaking, I’m probably singing something in my mind. Or at least hearing a melody. I’m often guilty of mindlessly humming, and some people love it and some people hate it,” he laughed. “Definitely annoying to my sister and some of my closest friends, but I just can’t turn it off.”

Breland definitely has an ear for a great song, as he’s written over 2,000 of them between 2014 and 2020. With so many songs under his belt, and so much study and practice, it’s no wonder he’s putting out hit after hit.