Breland Reveals How His Thomas Rhett Collaboration ‘Praise the Lord’ Came Together

by Tia Bailey

Singer/songwriter/producer Breland and country music singer Thomas Rhett recently collaborated on a song. Breland shares how the collab came together.

Breland spoke out in an interview with Taste of Country, and he explained his collabs with other big names. Breland revealed to the publication that he wrote 2,000 songs in about 5 years.

He first got big with his song “My Truck,” which gained a lot of traction a few years ago. The song was remixed by Sam Hunt, and later Breland signed on with Atlantic Records.

“Yeah, there’s a little pressure from people, but I don’t feel that pressure,” he said. “I believe in my pen. I believe in the work that I’ve put in. I’m not just gonna be like a flash-in-the-pan, come with one record type of guy.”

The singer spoke about his new album, “Cross Country.” There are several big names as collabs on the list, including Keith Urban, Ingrid Andress, Rhett, and more.

“You have to be ready so you don’t have to get ready,” he said to Evan Paul. “‘Praise the Lord’ was in my Thomas Rhett folder before I ever met him. I didn’t know him at the time, and it took us months to finally get it to him, but when the opportunity arose, I was like, ‘I have the perfect song for us.'”

Breland also shared several artists that he wants to collab with in the future — Jack Harlow, Drake, Dolly Parton, and Kane Brown.

He was also asked about his hit, “My Truck,” and asked what makes a “hit” in country music.

“I think it’s gotta chart in some capacity. I would say that one is a hit because it went Platinum,” he said.

Breland then shared which of the songs on his upcoming album could be a hit.

Breland Talks About His Upcoming Album, ‘Cross Country’

“‘Praise the Lord’ could get to hit status,” he said. “I think we’re almost Gold or could be Gold right now. I think it has to have some kind of certification or something has to happen for it to be called a ‘hit.'”

His new album features”nods” to different genres, including 90s country, early-2000s pop, and more.

Breland tweeted and shared some more exciting news following the release of his album — he will be performing at Stagecoach next year, an annual country music festival. He quote-tweeted the lineup, writing: “Catch me at @Stagecoach 2023!”

Prior to his album dropping, Breland tweeted out a thankful message to fans. He said: “As an artist you spend your whole life working toward your debut album. Mine is coming in less than a week and I’m so grateful that every one of y’all helped make this possible.”

Breland’s album “Cross Country” is out now.