Brett Eldredge Speaks Out About ‘Mental Health,’ Reveals What Has ‘Helped’ Him Most

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/FilmMagic,)

Speaking out about his personal experiences, country music singer and songwriter Brett Eldredge discusses his mental health and reveals what has helped him most over the years. 

Following World Mental Health Day on October 10th, Brett Eldredge took to his TikTok account to discuss his five “go-to” tips to improve his own mental health. “I was a little down today,” the country music artist explained. “Just a little tired. Just worn out mentally. So I was like, I gotta change my movement. I gotta get moving.”

@bretteldredge Get in those mental reps 🧠💪 #mentalhealth #positivity ♬ original sound – Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge said by moving around he was able to feel a hundred times better. “If you can, do something every day to get you moving. Get your heart pumping Get you out of your comfort zone. It is a mental health game. Moving has been the number one thing that’s helped me.” 

Brett Eldredge then explained the importance of an uninterrupted sleep cycle and fitness routine. “Get some good sleep,” he shared. He also promoted getting a good workout and a balanced diet. He then encouraged everyone to be “less hard” on themselves. “That’s my tip for the day. I am not a master, but I am figuring it out slowly, one day at a time. I guarantee you can too. What are you waiting for?” 

Brett Eldredge previously opened up about his mental health struggles in 2021 with a poem that he posted on Instagram. “I woke up feeling less than myself | Tried writing down all the words but it didn’t help | I walked along the bridge through the park at the commons | Still hurt held its grip much more than I wanted | I tried to escape every way that I could,” he wrote on Instagram. “Then I realized that feeling this way could be good | For how could I know the feeling of bliss | If life was all smiles and love without risk | So Today I’ll soak in all of this pain | The more that I feel |The more that I gain.”

Brett Eldredge Says Working Out & Self-Care Have Become a Form of ‘Medicine’ For Him 

During a May 2022 interview with Hello! Magazine, Brett Eldredge spoke out about how working out and self-care have become a form of “medicine” for him. 

While speaking about feeling comfortable with being alone and embracing his “own company,” Brett Eldredge said, “I think we all struggle with that in some ways, but there are definitely days when I’m like -I mean, I don’t hate myself, but there are times when its tough.” 

Brett Eldredge encouraged readers to give themselves grace as well as some space. He also discussed his key medicine. “My medicine is exercise. I have a routine where I get up in the morning and meditate for ten minutes,” he said. “Then I journal, then I go to the gym and get out of my head and get my heart pumping. I might go on a hike that day too, so I just keep moving. I like to look and feel fit but more so it’s mentally been a massive thing for me. Luckily it helps you stay healthy but mentally it’s been really great.”