Brittany Aldean Shares Adorable ‘Yellowstone’-Themed Photo of Kids Navy and Memphis

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Brittany Aldean is one of the many people who sit in front of their TV sets on Sunday nights and watch Yellowstone. How do we know? Hey, this Yellowstone-themed photo of her kids Navy and Memphis kind of gives it away. She mentions Beth and Casey in the caption. So, maybe she has a couple of characters already picked out for these kids. They look pretty cool in this photo, which you can see right here.

Her fans and followers were digging the photo, too. One wrote, “Yep, and Jason is waiting with a shotgun for Rip to show up.” Oh boy, Rip? Someone get Cole Hauser on the phone and see if he is planning to pop up at the Aldean home. Probably not, but you never can tell. Another fan wrote, “They are both beautiful children”. We tend to agree that they look pretty sharp and good in their attire. A number of other fans were sharing the heart and laughing emojis in the comments, too. Obviously, they liked the Yellowstone references and the kids all decked out, too.

Brittany Aldean Calls Husband Jason Aldean A ‘Loving Disciplinarian’

Speaking of Brittany, you know that she can hold a tune herself, right? In case you did not know, she auditioned for a spot on American Idol. Brittany made it all the way to the Hollywood round before losing out. Still, people have wondered whether or not she and her famous husband Jason Aldean would ever get together for a duet. Jason is not against doing one with her. But in his estimation, it’s all up to the song. The number has to be a good one and probably one that lets their strengths shine together.

Will these two please get together in a studio and make that song happen? People probably will eat that up and buy it over and over again. Brittany and Jason Aldean have experience when it comes to singing. Of course, Jason has sold many, many records in his illustrious career. We think that the time has come for them to sing together. People really do want this to happen. Hopefully, this can be done in 2023.

Meanwhile, she has been talking about Jason a bit. That’s nothing new as they are husband and wife. But she calls Jason a “loving disciplinarian” at home. How does that all work out? She talks about it in an interview. “We parent very differently, he’s definitely the disciplinarian,” she said while talking to Pop Culture. “I am the sucker, but it’s nice to just see him, he’s a sucker for those girls. They could do no wrong. So he says he treats them all equally but that’s not really a little harder on Memphis.”