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Brittany Aldean Unleashes on Balenciaga Following Controversial Campaign: ‘Pure Evil’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo via Getty Images / Jason Kempin / Staff)

Days after tossing out items she purchased by Balenciaga due to its recent controversial campaign, Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany continues to unleash on the fashion brand by calling it “pure evil.” 

While making an appearance on the Tucker Carlson Show on Monday (December 5th), Brittany Aldean spoke about why she’s taking a stand against Balenciaga. The fashion brand came under fire after releasing its latest ad that shows child models posing with bondage-themed teddy bean bags. Aldean has been one of the most vocal critics since the ad campaign first surfaced. 

“I, for one, love fashion,” Brittany Aldean explained. “I’m super into fashion. But I refuse to represent or wear a brand that has any affiliation with the sexual exploitation of children or the sexualization of children. It’s disgusting and what they showed us recently in their recent campaign is pure evil.”

Brittany Aldean also stated that it’s worth taking the campaign seriously. This is because every detail of the photo shoot was meticulously thought out, she says. “I’ve been on photo shoots before. I know that there are weeks of preparation, if not months. This was meticulously thought out. For them to think that it’s appropriate to put children in a situation that we have seen, much less a campaign for their brand, is disgusting.” 

Brittany Aldean further declared that Balenciaga has shown the world who they are. “It’s disgusting. It’s evil and the common denominator here is we have to stand up, We have to fight for our children. This is not political. This is not about religion. The common denominator here is to protect the children at all costs.”

Brittany Aldean went on to add that everyone should be concerned about the situation and should take a stand against the fashion brand. “Everybody should be outraged.”

Brittany Aldean’s Not Having Any of Balenciaga’s Excuses About The Campaign 

Prior to her interview with Tucker Carlson, Brittany Aldean tossed out items she had purchased from Balenciaga over the years. Among the items were reportedly a $3,000 orange handbag and $400 slide sandals. A hoodie that has a price tag of $1,050 was also in the bags. 

Balenciaga did issue a statement addressing the ad campaign. “We would like to address the controversies surrounding our recent ad campaigns,” the company declared in the now-deleted statement on Instagram. “We strongly condemn child abuse; it wasn’t our intent to include it in our narrative. The two separate ad campaigns in question reflect a series of grievous errors for which Balenciaga takes responsibility.”

Since the first statement, Balenciaga’s Cédric Charbit has also spoken out about the company’s next steps. “Our current process for content validation has failed,” he explained. “And we recognize the need to do better. On the internal side, we nominate with immediate effect an image board responsible for evaluating the nature of our content from concept to final assets, including legal, sustainability, and diversity expertise. On the external side, we have appointed a best-in-class agency to assess and evaluate our content.”