Carly Pearce Crushes Stripped-Down Rendition of ’29’ at CMT Artists of the Year Special: VIDEO

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images for Russell Dickerson

Carly Pearce has made waves in the country music world. She recently performed a stripped down version of “29” at the CMT Artists of the Year celebration.

The singer-songwriter attended the CMT Artists of the Year celebration to be recognized for her achievements in the industry. She was then welcomed onstage to perform her song “29,” which she stripped down.

Fans highly praised her performance.

“What a voice what a story. that album gave me the strength to escape an abusive marriage just for him to attack my family. carly pearce’s voice and words are now a staple in family forever. absolute perfection thank you CMT for blessing us with her as a performer especially with this son,” one commenter wrote, sharing their own personal experience with the song.

Another fan also wrote about their experience and shared that they are even turning 29 next month: “I’m turning 29 next month and I’ve been through so much between losing my grandpa to pancreatic cancer, having a brain tumor, and being in two abusive relationships. This song gives me hope for my 29th birthday and I can’t wait for what God has in store for me and I can’t wait to see where my life takes me. Thank you for this beautiful song it gives me so much hope! I love you sunshine! You’re talented & your words speak to my heart and soul!”

In the chorus, Pearce sings: “But for me, twenty-nine
Is the year that I got married and divorced
I held on for dear life, but I still fell off the horse
From a Miss to a Mrs. then the other way around
The yеar I was gonna live it up
Now I’m never gonna livе it down.”

The star shares details about her personal life.

Carly Pearce Supports Kelsea Ballerini Through Her Divorce

After going through a divorce herself, Pearce has been supportive of her friend Kelsea Ballerini, who is also going through one right now.

“Kelsea was there for me through [my divorce],” Pearce said to ET’s Cassie DiLaura during the 2022 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony. “I’m there for her through hers. And Kelsea just is the queen, so let’s go.”

She shared that supporting her friend was an “easy and natural choice.” The pair also teamed up on a song, “You’re Drunk, Go Home.”

“Kelsea’s a really good friend of mine and she texted me over the summer and she said, ‘Hey, I have this song. Would you be interested in doing it with me?’ and I listened to it once, and was like, ‘I’m in,’” Pearce said.

Ballerini shared that Pearce was the first artist she called to collaborate with on the song.

“That’s what I’m proud about,” Ballerini said. “I wrote that song and I was like, ‘Who are people that I can call personally, that I think I know them well enough to know that they have sass and wit that will add personality to this track?’ and I called Carly first and she signed on. Then I called Kelly, and they added magic. And just to have a song with my friends like that is so cool.”