Carly Pearce Opens Up About Writing ‘Dear Miss Loretta’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Loretta Lynn’s unexpected and tragic passing on Tuesday shook the country music world. Since then, many fans and artists have been mourning the loss of the legend. For some, that means putting on some of her music and reflecting. For others, it means paying tribute to the Coal Miner’s Daughter in other ways. Tuesday night, Carly Pearce played her song “Dear Miss Loretta” on the Grand Ole Opry.

Carly Pearce included “Dear Miss Loretta” on her 2021 album 29: Written in Stone. It’s a sweet tribute that draws parallels between Pearce and Lynn. Now, it stands as a tribute to one of Pearce’s biggest heroes. As a fellow Kentucky native, Pearce always looked at Lynn as one of her idols. She recognized that Lynn’s trailblazing career was one of the reasons that she was able to have a seat at the country music table and reach the success that she has experienced.

In a recent statement, Carly Pearce opened up about writing “Dear Miss Loretta”

Carly Pearce on Her Tribute to Loretta Lynn

After noting that she co-penned the song with Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, Carly Pearce talked about what it means to her. “I always loved this song because I felt so connected to Loretta. My grandmother was a coal miner’s daughter,” she said. “There were all of these parallels to her life that I didn’t really realize until the last year and a half of what I had gone through and what had happened to me.”

Carly Pearce then added that no one knew that she was going to debut the song when she did. “So, one night – like I do a lot of times – I decided to not tell anybody on my team and test out a song on my favorite stage, which is the Grand Ole Opry,” she recalled. Pearce added that people loved the song. More importantly, two legendary ladies of country loved the song.

Last night, Carly Pearce took the Grand Ole Opry stage to play “Dear Miss Loretta” in memory of her hero. Before she started the song, Pearce played a voicemail she received from Lynn. In it, the icon says that she loved hearing “Dear Miss Loretta” and showered praise and love on Carly.

“Dear Miss Loretta” Makes an Impression

In the statement, Carly Pearce revealed the other legend who immediately fell in love with the song. “I feel like the most full-circle moment about this song is… Patty Lovelace. I wanted her to be a part of this next chapter, I wanted to collaborate with her, actually, on a different song. She texted me one night and she said ‘I don’t know if this song is right for me, but I saw you sang a song about Loretta Lynn on the Opry when it was live streamed and I would die to sing on it with you.’”

“The fact that she wanted to sing on that song, she asked me if she could, and she also was watching it on the Opry just all feels very much like it was meant to be. It truly is one of my favorite moments I have ever had.”