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Carly Pearce Recalls the Time She Had a Warrant Out for Her Arrest

by Clayton Edwards
Carly Pearce at the 2022 CMA Awards
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

When many country music fans think of Carly Pearce, several things come to mind. She’s a member of the Grand Ole Opry, the former CMA Female Vocalist of the Year and Female Artist of the Year, and a Grammy nominee. The list of her accomplishments and titles is long. However, one descriptor that probably doesn’t come to mind for Pearce’s fans is “outlaw.” In a recent social media post, Carly shared a story that may have some rethinking that.

Friday afternoon, Carly Pearce posted a video of her getting ready for the day. The annotation on the video says, “Get ready with me. The time there was a warrant out for my arrest.” The story is just as wild as you’d think. While applying her makeup for the day, Carly took fans on a trip down memory lane.

It was 2017 and Carly Pearce was on a radio tour promoting her debut single “Every Little Thing.” She and her band were bouncing from city to city, state to state, talking with radio personalities and introducing the song, and Carly, to the stations’ listeners. Unfortunately, one of their flights got canceled and Carly and the band rented a car to get to the next stop on the tour.

Carly Pearce: Speed Demon

“So I was driving through the great state, my home state, of Kentucky, and I did not realize that the speed limit went very quickly from like, 70 to 35,” Carly Pearce recalled. However, that wouldn’t have mattered. “Let’s just be real, I was already going, um, 85,” she admitted. Before long, Carly saw red and blue lights in the rearview.

“So, he pulled me over and I could tell he was really annoyed, but we had to get to the show, so I didn’t look at the speeding ticked until I got to the venue a few hours later and realized I had a reckless driving ticket,” Carly Pearce recalled. So, she paid the ticket and thought she had put the whole thing behind her.

Later, Carly Pearce got a call letting her know there was a warrant out for her arrest. “I did not go to traffic school or pay the full amount of my ticket because I did not realize that it is a big offense if you’re reckless driving,” she said. Oops.

“You’re not gonna believe it, but the cop was a country fan,” Carly Pearce recalled. “I bartered my way to pay the ticket and give him tickets to my show, and he dropped the warrant or the charge, or whatever you wanna call it. So that police officer in Kentucky, thank you. You can come to a show anytime. But yeah, I’m kinda bad.”

The real moral of the story, she said, is to always be aware of the speed limit when you’re driving. Also, “It pays to be a country singer sometimes.”