Carly Pearce Reveals What It Was Like to Work With Kelsea Ballerini on ‘You’re Drunk, Go Home’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Kelsea Ballerini released a handful of killer singles before releasing SUBJECT TO CHANGE. However, many fans were more excited about the album cut that she teased on social media. “You’re Drunk, Go Home” features Ballerini alongside Carly Pearce and Kelly Clarkson. Everyone wanted to hear what that power trio cooked up. When the album dropped on September 23, we learned that it was worth the wait. Check out the highly-anticipated collaboration below.

Less than a week after the song hit streaming services, it has become a favorite among fans. It’s hard not to like a song with three killer vocalists, plenty of steel guitar, and a toe-tapping beat. Carly Pearce calls it a “good, old-fashioned, fun honky tonk song.” She also revealed that it was just as fun to record as it is to listen to.

Carly Pearce on Recording “You’re Drunk, Go Home”  

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Carly Pearce opened up about what it was to work with Kelsea Ballerini and Kelly Clarkson on “You’re Drunk, Go Home.”

Pearce said that the liquor was flowing in the studio, but Ballerini wasn’t drinking. “Well, she was hungover, which was funny, so she wasn’t drinking, and I was drinking enough for the both of us,” Carly Pearce said jokingly.

Then, Carly Pearce pointed out that “You’re Drunk, Go Home” was the first time she teamed up with another artist for their project. “I obviously love collaborations, with all the collaborations that I’ve asked other artists to do, but this was the first time that somebody in our industry came to me and wanted to collaborate with me. So, that was exciting for me,” she said.

Pearce on Working with Ballerini and Clarkson

Taste of Country noted that Carly Pearce and Kelsea Ballerini have been friends for quite a while. They’ve been there for one another through all of the highs and lows. For instance, when Pearce was going through her divorce, it was Ballerini who encouraged her to write songs about it.

“I love Kelsea,” Carly Pearce said. “I’ve loved Kelsea for years. You have very few true friends in this industry, and she’s one of mine.”

While Carly Pearce and Kelsea Ballerini came up in the music business together, Kelly Clarkson has been around a bit longer. It turns out that both of the younger singers are big fans of her work. Pearce said that she and Ballerini are “fangirls” for Clarkson. “We love Kelly. So, to get to do this at this time in all three of our lives is so fun,” she added. “I don’t think Kelsea could have picked two more perfect women to do this song with her.” We couldn’t agree more.