Carly Pearce Shares Her Mindset Going Into Her Next Album

by Clayton Edwards

Carly Pearce released her breakthrough album 29: Written in Stone in September of 2021. The songs on that album resonated deeply with fans. Pearce’s listeners could relate to so much of what she had to say in those songs because they came straight from her life. As she was writing 29: Written in Stone, Pearce was going through the end of her short marriage to Michael Ray. She channeled all the pain, confusion, and personal growth into those lyrics.

Earlier this month, Pearce shared a preview of an unreleased song and it has her fans anticipating a new album.

Recently, Carly Pearce revealed that her next album will be similar in spirit. The subject matter will obviously be different. Right now, Pearce is still riding high in life. She’s in a happy relationship, for one. Also, Carly is at the height of her career because she was so open, authentic, and vulnerable in her last record. So, she plans to remain open and introspective in her songwriting in the future.

In some recent interviews, Carly Pearce revealed that she isn’t ready to announce a follow-up to 29: Written in Stone. However, she is currently working on writing songs for a new album.  

Carly Pearce on Writing New Music

In an interview with Taste of Country, Carly Pearce opened up about what’s going on in her life. “It’s an exciting time for me with my career. My love life is flourishing and it’s wonderful. But also, life is a push and pull. Trying to love again? That’s kind of hard. Trying to navigate your life? That’s kind of hard but also beautiful and crazy.”

At this time, Carly Pearce hasn’t said anything concrete about her next album. However, if she’s writing from her life, it stands to reason that the above statement will be the backbone of the next project she releases. We could get songs about growth, moving on, and possibly a love song or two as well.

Carly Pearce also told Taste of Country that she’s “just going into it with the mindset of being 100 percent vulnerable with where I am in my life. I think the fans will meet me there.”

In a recent interview with Billboard, Carly Pearce revealed a little more about the songs she has been writing lately. “29 was such a pivotal record and pivotal moment for me in my career but also for me as a person,” Carly Peace said about her breakthrough album. So, she wants to make sure that her next album is up to par with it. “I’m taking some time to make sure that this transition of where I’m at is reflective of actually what’s going on in my life.”

“I’m getting some stuff that I’m really excited about,” she said about the new songs she has been writing.