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Carly Pearce to Drop Live Version of Her Breakout Album ’29: Written In Stone’ This Spring

by Clayton Edwards
Carly Pearce performs at the 56th annual CMA Awards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage via Getty Images)

Carly Pearce’s career has been in overdrive for the last couple of years. She channeled the pain of a divorce and the loss of a close friend into her breakout 2021 album 29: Written in Stone. Since then, Pearce has proven herself to be one of the fastest-rising stars in the country music world. Awards, accolades, an invite to the Grand Ole Opry, and so much more came her way after she bared her soul to the world with the album. Additionally, she was able to take the album on the road and play it live for her fans.

Now, Carly is bottling a bit of the magic of her live shows for a new album. 29: Written in Stone (Live from Music City) will drop this spring. She took to social media earlier today to share the news with her fans and followers.

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29: Written in Stone changed my whole life in every way,” Pearce wrote. “To those of you who got to experience it on the road with me, those moments were some of my favorite of my entire life. For those of you that didn’t I have a surprise for you.”

Carly Pearce then revealed that she’ll drop a live version of her breakout album on March 24th. For many fans, that seems like a long time to wait. Pearce obviously thought of that in advance. As a result, she released not one, but two songs from the album to streaming services today. The chart-topping, award-winning “Never Wanted to Be That Girl” featuring Ashley McBryde is available now. Additionally, you can hear the live cut of the fan-favorite track “What He Didn’t Do.”

Carly Pearce Has New Music on the Way

Hearing a live version of 29: Written in Stone will be great. However, that’s not all we can expect from Carly Pearce in the coming months. Last year, the Kentucky native revealed that she was working on a new album.

Like her breakout album, Pearce’s next release will be a window into her life. However, she’s not traversing the dark waters of divorce and despair as she writes it. She’s seeing new career highs seemingly every day and has found a happy relationship.

“It’s an exciting time for me with my career. My love life is flourishing and it’s wonderful. But also, life is a push and pull. Trying to love again? That’s kind of hard. Trying to navigate your life? That’s kind of hard but also beautiful and crazy,” she said of this new chapter of her life.

Carly Pearce isn’t ready to announce her next album, but she is working on it. She is in no hurry. “I’m taking time to make sure that this transition of where I’m at is reflective of actually what’s going on in my life,” she explained.