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Carly Pearce’s New Album Will Detail Her ‘New Season’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Carly Pearce released her breakout album 29: Written in Stone in 2021. That album rocketed the Kentucky native to a new level of prominence in the country music world. The honesty and vulnerability that Pearce showed in the songs on that record resonated deeply with listeners around the world. Carly had just lost a close friend and was going through a divorce while she was writing the album. The creation of the project was therapeutic for her and the finished product helped her fans get through their lows.

Now, Carly Pearce is getting ready to launch another album. At this time, we don’t know what she’ll call the new project nor do we know when it will drop. However, we do know that Pearce will be offering the same kind of honesty and vulnerability with her upcoming album.

“I think what fans have shown me is they want to see how I see the world,” Carly Pearce said in a statement. “So, it’s been an interesting process of coming out of a season of my life that was so hard and transitioning into one that, yes, is so much fuller and richer, but also still a hard way to come out of.”

Carly Pearce Enters a New Season of Life

Since going through the pain and mourning that spurred her to write the songs on 29: Written in Stone, Carly Pearce’s life has changed drastically. Now, she’s an award-winning performer and songwriter and a member of the Grand Ole Opry. She’s working her way to being a household name among country fans. However, she’s still healing from all the pain.

“You don’t just blink your eyes one day and you’re healed, or you don’t just wake one day and say, ‘everything’s great, and yay!’ So, I think this one is just a chapter of my life that’s more navigating a new season, navigating to me, the best season of my life, honoring what I have been through, honoring that some of those things will live on with me as I carry through my life. And celebrating that I made it through in such a wonderful way,” she said.

In November, Carly Pearce shared a snippet of a song from the new album. “Trust Issues” sees the singer-songwriter taking an honest look at finding love again after her divorce. “I look in your eyes and it’s almost like / My heart’s never been broke before. / My only issue is how bad I miss you every time you walk out that door. / To ever think I had trust issues / In a matter of one kiss you / Got me turning one night into / Maybe the rest of my life. / Haven’t said ‘I love you’ / But I’m thinking that I might want to. / ‘Casue you’re making me forget who ever gave me these trust issues,” she sings in the hopeful new song.