Caroline Jones Opens Up About Becoming Zac Brown Band’s First Female Member

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Moises De Pena / Contributor

Singer-songwriter Caroline Jones recently opened up about becoming Zac Brown Band’s first female band member. On Thursday, Nov. 3, the talented vocalist officially joined the award-winning band as a full-time member. 

The addition is a historic one for the genre. Jones is now the first and only female in the 8-piece ensemble, which features Zac Brown, Coy Bowles, Clay Cook, Daniel De Los Reyes, Jimmy De Martini, Chris Fryar, John Hopkins, and Matt Mangano. 

“I feel very honored. It’s very exciting news to share with the world,” Jones said about the honor. “It’s also kind of an organic evolution. I’ve been touring with them now for five years. Zach was really the first hitmaker to offer me a slot on a big tour, a big stage. Those were by far the largest crowds I’ve ever played. That opened the door for me to tour with Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and even The Eagles.” 

She first opened for the Grammy-award-winning group in 2017 and was asked back for their following two consecutive tours. However, when COVID-19 struck, Jones focused on her solo country career and began working on her second studio album, Antipodes, as she took a break from touring.  

In 2021, before the Zac Brown Band left for The Comeback Tour, Jones got a last-minute phone call from Brown with a question. He asked if she would be a special guest band member. Later, the group again offered her an invitation for their Out In The Middle Tour. 

Now, it’s become a sort of full-circle moment for Jones. Not only will the fantastic vocalist perform with the band, but she’s also involved in their writing and recording process. 

Caroline Jones welcomes ‘challenges’ as she embarks on new journey with the Zac Brown Band

“I’ve looked up to Zac Brown Band and been listening to them since I started listening to country music. I came to country music relatively late in life – in my twenties. I dreamed of being an opening act on tours with artists like Zac Brown Band,” said Jones. “So, to be deemed ‘worthy’ of being on stage with them, part of their creative process, and their family is something I just never would’ve expected. It’s extremely validating.” 

Although the talented artist wants to make a name for herself, Jones admitted that she’s anticipating some challenges. She pointed out that the band has been challenging her since she began the relationship when they threw her out in front of “thousands of people every single night.” 

“It’s been a learning curve since I met them,” she recalled. “Being part of a group and contributing musically to a mix that has been set in stone for decades is a whole other test. Learning songs, parts, and riffs at the speed that they expect – all of that stuff will be a learning curve. But that’s what I live for. That’s what I love. I’m a real music nerd, and I’m confident in myself that I will work my butt off and do my absolute best.”