Caroline Jones Put Together an All-Female String Band for New Track ‘Being a Woman (Is Like Being the Sun)’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Audacy )

Many country music fans are familiar with Caroline Jones. The singer-songwriter started opening for the Zac Brown Band back in 2017. After three years of being their opening act, ZBB welcomed Jones as a special guest band member of their road band. Currently, she’s out with the band on their Out In the Middle Tour. However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t taking time to work on her own projects. Earlier today, Jones released the video for her new song “Being a Woman (Is Like Being the Sun)” which features an all-female bluegrass band.

In the song, Caroline Jones artfully compares the experience of being a woman with how we perceive the sun. In the opening lines, she sings. “Being a woman’s like being the sun. / Shine all day on everyone. / It’s in your nature to care too much. / And all you want in return is love.” Much like life, however, the lyrics to this song aren’t always quite so bright and sunny. “You can make a scene if you go real dark / Break your husband’s and your child’s heart. / Sometimes they won’t listen until you go too far / And you forget how intense you are.”

Caroline Jones penned the song herself. Then, she recruited an incredible group of musicians to back her on the recording. “Being a Woman (Is like Being the Sun)” features Rebecca Frazier on guitar and vocals, Kate Lee O’Connor on fiddle and vocals, Mary Meyer on mandolin, Missy Raines on the double bass, and Grammy Award-winner Alison Brown on banjo. Additionally, Brown produced the track.

Caroline Jones Discusses Her New Song

In a press release, Caroline Jones discussed the meaning behind the song. “ ‘Being a Woman (Is Like Being the Sun)’ is about the double-edged sword of emotional intelligence and sensitivity that comes with womanhood,” Jones explains. “There is immense, life-giving power in a woman’s care and understanding of the intricacies of others’ needs. But many challenges accompany that power.”

Jones went on to say that as she matures, she finds herself better learning how to navigate those challenges. She added, “[I am] trying to be intentional about the kind of woman I want to be. How do I care for those I love the most while ensuring that my own needs and desires are met? How do I communicate honestly, without being demanding or controlling, and more importantly, listen with an open heart?”  

Overall, Caroline Jones said that she hopes other women will be able to resonate with the song and feel like someone understands what they’re going through. At the same time, she said that she wants to “…inspire men who listen to the song to appreciate and understand the women in their lives more.”

Looking at “Being a Woman (Is Like Being the Sun)”

As a man, these lyrics don’t hit home for me like they would for a woman. However, this song does stir some emotions in me. “Being a Woman (Is Like Being the Sun)” brings to mind the long list of strong women in my life. It made me think about how we perceive women and, honestly, the unfair critiques we lay at their feet. So, I would have to say that, at least for me, Caroline Jones hit her mark with this song.

Stepping back from the meaning of the lyrics and looking at this one as just a song, it still works. Caroline Jones’ voice is gorgeous and she steps effortlessly into the bluegrass vocal style. At the same time, her backing band here is phenomenal. However, my hat is off to Mary Meyer and her superb mandolin skills.

Overall, it’s a beautifully performed bluegrass tune with lyrics that will make you think if you let them. Check out the video above and, as Caroline Jones says in the final lines of the song, “Go give your wife and your mom a hug,” if you can.

“Being a Woman (Is Like Being the Sun)” hits streaming platforms tomorrow, 4/29. You can pre-save the song on iTunes and Spotify here.