Carrie Underwood Announces Exhibition at Nashville’s Historic Bell Tower to Celebrate ‘Denim & Rhinestones’

by Jonathan Howard

Carrie Underwood is country music. She’s got a new exhibit that is coming to Nashville‘s Historic Bell Tower for Denim & Rhinestones. The album has yet to come out yet, but Underwood is already planning events like this around it. June 10 is the big day that the record drops and it’s a big deal for the singer-songwriter.

A little press release was put out on the singer’s website. It’s a little popup exhibit that will coincide with the first weekend of release.

“Come out and experience a fun-filled, pop-up exhibition with interactive photo installations, wardrobe displays, and a retail boutique celebrating the music of Denim & Rhinestones. Fans can have their photos taken in immersive displays themed to songs from the album including “Ghost Stor,” “Crazy Angels,” “Pink Champagne” and more! Local designers will be on site doing live merch customizations in the retail boutique from 11am-3pm each day.”

So, if you’re trying to get into the spirit of Carri Underwood’s upcoming album, this is the exhibit for you. Nashville has a lot of fun and interesting things to see. However, this is a rare chance to get a look at a really interesting installation. Music meets art with this exciting new project.

The Historic Bell Tower is a great place for this exhibition. I mean, Music City is full of great venues, but this feels like it’s going to be special. The last year or so has been huge for Carrie Underwood and with this new album, and the “experience”.

Between her Grammy-winning Gospel album to her Las Vegas Residency and now this new album and exhibit, it’s good to be Carrie Underwood. It feels like she’s done it all, but she just keeps coming back with more.

Carrie Underwood Made a ‘Ghost Story’ on Her Birthday

Of course “Ghost Story” is one of the leading singles from Denim & Rhinestones, but the country music singer made her own ghost story years. For her birthday, Carrie Underwood went ghost hunting at a haunted castle. Talk about a party, how about celebrating with some folks that lived a couple of hundred years ago?

“This was a few years ago, I had a birthday, and we were in Scotland and I was like, okay, if I’m going to spend my birthday in Scotland, I want to stay at a haunted castle,” she said in an interview with Today’s Country Radio. “And they found one for me in Inverlochy.”

The Inverlochy Castle has stood since the 13th century. If ghosts exist, then this place surely has them. It has been through many battles, and the older towers have clearly taken some damage through the years. Unfortunately, the spirits, if there are any, didn’t reveal themselves to Carrie Underwood. Perhaps they are big fans and just too nervous to come out and talk to her.