Carrie Underwood Fans Are Losing It Over This Outfit She Wore on Gun Range Date Night With Mike Fisher

by Shelby Scott

There’s a lot to love about Carrie Underwood and it’s not just her legendarily perfect singing voice. Over the years, Underwood has become a hallmark in the NFL, recently celebrating 10 years of singing the Sunday Night Football theme song. However, she’s also become a symbol of fashion in country music, and she, apparently, maintains that status during date nights with husband Mike Fisher—even out on the gun range.

Taking to Instagram with a new post, Mike Fisher shared a clip of his iconic wife wearing protective gear while firing a handgun at the range at an unseen target. However, it was her attire that had social media lighting up. Rather than donning simple jeans and sneakers or something more comfortable, Carrie instead headed to the range in a combination denim-leather mini skirt, black T-shirt, and chunky heeled boots. See Fisher’s post below.

Sharing a little insight from date night, Fisher wrote, “When [Carrie Underwood] wants to practice as part of our date night you never say no.”

Fans shared the same adoration for the Carrie Underwood as her husband did.

“This woman does EVERYTHING,” one fan exclaimed. “what a queen.”

Another said, “It’s so cool to just see her chill and doing normal things. Love it.”

One other fan quipped, “Who goes shooting in a skirt? Wait only Carrie would. She could make shoveling poop beautiful.”

Carrie Underwood Proves Fashion Is Learned in ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ Photos

We all have some cringe-worthy photos from our youth that we’d rather never see the light of day but taking to TikTok in a recent trend, Carrie Underwood proved that her fashion sense is something that’s been developed over time.

The country singer’s throwback clip features a handful of photos from her youth, all of which seem to be from her time in high school. Various outfits see young Carrie Underwood with braces, split side bands, and not one but two black eyes. Going behind the scenes of that last photo with fans, Underwood shared, “I did, indeed, graduate with the black eyes (senior school trip softball mishap).”

Fans, excited to meet Carrie before they knew Carrie as a country music megastar, reveled in the photos.

“THE VIDEO I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED,” one fan commented. Another added, “CARRIE YOU WIN THIS TREND.”

Carrie Underwood also recently captured some of her most iconic outfits reflecting on 10 years of partnership with the NFL. See some of the singer’s most dazzling appearances from over the last decade below.

Each year is completely different, some seeing the star in casual shorts or a leather jacket while other Carrie throwbacks see her in body-hugging, sequined gowns and body suits.

Underwood’s post came as the new season of Sunday Night Football kicked off last weekend.