Carrie Underwood Fans Are Fuming After the GRAMMY Museum Excluded Her From Women in Country Music Exhibit

by Jonathan Howard

Fans of Carrie Underwood are not happy and this time their ire is directed toward the GRAMMY Museum and the Women in Country Music exhibit. When it comes to awards, exhibits, or any other honor if Underwood is snubbed you better believe her fans will be there to support her. And, also raise a little hell online? They might be nicknamed the Care Bears, but those fans can make their point directly, no matter how you feel.

How can you do an exhibit on women in country music and not include an eight-time Grammy winner? It’s strange, to say the least. However, if you look at the list below from Twitter, it’s missing a few notable names.

Rightfully so, at least I’d say, there were fans upset with the omission. She has over a dozen No. 1 singles on the country charts, she’s won a bunch of GRAMMY awards, not to mention all of the other awards that she’s racked up in country music and adjacent categories.

There were some fans that noticed that Carrie Underwood and even more were missing from the GRAMMY Museum exhibit. It’s just an unfortunate oversight it seems. There are all kinds of great names past and present. How you tell the story of women in country music and don’t include the woman behind Jesus Take the Wheel is beyond me.

This fan pulled all of the names.

It’s even more baffling looking at some of the names that are on the list. Underwood has worked with almost all of the artists on the list that are still active. So, what gives? Underwood consistently performs sold-out shows and puts on some of the best sets around. Not to mention her record-breaking number of awards and chart success.

Carrie Underwood Fans Upset About GRAMMY Museum Show Out Again

This isn’t the first time in the last year that Carrie Underwood fans have shown out for their favorite artist. Last September, it was the Country Music Association that was the target of their online frustration. So, the GRAMMY Museum isn’t alone in recent history that is. The singer was not nominated for CMA Female Vocalist of the Year. Most folks say, oh well, no big deal. However, it was the first time in 15 years that she wasn’t nominated for the award. So, what changed?

Well, no one really knows. However, fans were not happy. At all. They let their feelings be known about the award show snubbing Underwood. There isn’t much they can do to change things, but they can put their feelings out there, that’s for sure.

Maybe after all of this, we will see Carrie Underwood added to that GRAMMY Museum exhibit. It sure would be nice to see fans listened to.