Carrie Underwood’s New Pics Have Fans Saying She’s the Real Entertainer of the Year

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Last week, one of country music‘s newest megastars, Luke Combs, took home the Entertainer of the Year win at the CMA Awards for the second time in a row. While we don’t begrudge Combs his latest achievement, some frustrated Carrie Underwood fans have flocked to social media, where many of them have claimed the “Hate My Heart” singer is the “real” entertainer of the year. Their comments came after Carrie Underwood posted epic performance photos from her Denim & Rhinestones Tour on Instagram.

“Last night was super fun!” the eight-time Grammy award winner wrote in her post. Thanks, #Moline for going out on the town on a Saturday night!”

Carrie Underwood’s collection of photos from the night in Illinois sees her in a number of dazzling outfits. Per her post, fringe seems to have been the theme of the night, with the country queen first taking to the stage in a rhinestone-studded tank top with fringed jeans and boots. Later photos capture the 39-year-old artist taking to the air in a thrilling trapeze stunt dressed in a long black and pink gown that gracefully falls beneath her. The final image in the slide show sees Carrie Underwood decked out in silver rhinestones, glitter, and fringe, reminding fans of her country roots in a white cowboy hat and fringed ankle booties.

Fans, upset by the CMA Awards results, shared their support for Carrie Underwood in the comments.

“Entertainer of the year!” one fan gushed, while another said, “My entertainer of the year.”

How Carrie Underwood Maintains Positive Mental Health:

Aside from her stellar career in country music, Carrie Underwood is also an avid outdoorswoman. Amid the CMA Awards upset, Underwood spoke about her love for nature and the importance of positive mental health.

“There are so many incredible benefits to just being outside and soaking in Vitamin D,” Underwood said during an episode of Audacy’s I’m Listening. More specifically, she spoke about her love for gardening and the positive impact gardening can have on an individual.

“It’s quiet outside,” she continued. While gardening, “You’re very in tune with nature. You can heard the birds chirping and the wind through the breeze. You’re kind of alone with your thoughts, and I feel like there’s a lot of life lessons in gardening that you just think about as you are gardening.”

In addition to getting outside, Carrie Underwood also offered her take on social media and how she maintains a positive relationship with it despite its prominence in contemporary culture. She revealed during the episode, “I love to put things out there, I love people, I love to see what they’re up to, I love to tell people what I’m up to, but I don’t read comments.”

As hard as that might be for some of us, Carrie Underwood pointed out how she avoids potentially reading negative commentary.

“I might see the top [comments] that are from people I follow, from people I know, but after that, I just don’t need to know.”