Carrie Underwood Praises Vince Gill’s ‘Super Inspiring’ Career on CMT Special

by Samantha Whidden

Celebrating Vince Gill’s exciting country music career, Carrie Underwood praises the singer and songwriter during a CMT Giants special. 

Gill, who is a two-time entertainer of the year and has more than 1,000 collaborations with other artists, previously performed with Carrie Underwood in 2011. The duo performed How Great Thou Art. Underwood shared her thoughts about Gill. “He’s an Okie boy, and I’m from Oklahoma. I feel like getting to grow up and see him and other artists like him that were from a little bit down the road go on to live the dream that I wanted to someday maybe have was just super inspiring.” 

Carrie Underwood further stated that Gill has an incredible voice and some of the most memorable songs in the current era of country music. “It’s just an honor to get to be here,” Underwood continued. “I feel like a lot of people kind of just trying to make this night, you know, special and kind of have.” 

Along with Carrie Underwood, Cody Johnson spoke about Gill’s inspiring career. He noted that Gill’s When I Call Your Name is his favorite song. Mainly because it’s unapologetically traditional country. “The song shot to No. 1, and I wondered if that could ever happen to me,” Johnson explained. Johnson also stated that he flew from Minneapolis to attend the special. “It was just so important. I’ve worked for 15 years for this opportunity to get one of these calls. In the words of the old farmers, you got to make hay while the sun shines.”

Carrie Underwood Speaks About Performing Old Hymnals 

Following her performance of How Great Thou Art with Vince Gill, Carrie Underwood continued to perform various old hymnals over the years. This includes her performance of Amazing Grace. 

While speaking to, Carrie Underwood talks about why she loves performing old hymnals. “It’s so great for me because I feel like in recording them, even now I can still feel myself sitting in the church pews next to my parents, hearing my mom singing harmonies and hearing other voices singing in the congregation.”

Carrie Underwood further revealed that she feels that hymnals still ring in her ear and it’s wonderful to her. “But more importantly, it provides a feeling of comfort and inspiration that hopefully, other people can feel as well when they listen to these songs.”

When asked about the songs she picked for her My Savior album, Carrie Underwood stated that her family had a say. “Everybody always chimes in. Some of them were already on the list. My husband would chime in every once in a while with something that maybe was an older faith-based song, but not necessarily a hymn. He didn’t necessarily grow up listening to a lot of the hymns that I did, but he wanted me to do Give Me Jesus, so maybe someday I can cover that one down the road.”