Carrie Underwood Reacts to Hilarious Video of Her Sons ‘Breakdancing’ During Her Opry Performance

by Lauren Boisvert

Carrie Underwood’s two sons were caught having some boyish fun at her Grand Ole Opry performance recently, and Underwood shared her thoughts in conversation with Entertainment Tonight. She also spoke about how they may end up being performers as well.

For context, Underwood’s sons, Isaiah and Jacob, were caught on camera at the Opry breaking out the dance moves while their mother performed “I Told You So,” originally by Randy Travis, on June 7. Underwood explained, “That’s called ‘it’s way past their bedtime,’ and the little one, Jake, he was just trying to not stop moving. Because if he did, he was going to fall asleep.”

I imagined the boys were trying out interpretive dance in appreciation of their mother’s work, but trying not to fall asleep makes perfect sense. Underwood continued, “So I’m singing a ballad up there, and you also have this false sense of security at the Opry,” she laughed, “when you’re back there you’re kind of back there in the dark, and you feel like nobody can see you. So I thought nobody really thought twice about them being there, and acting crazy. And then I saw videos and I was like ‘oh.'”

She also explained that in the video she spotted her husband, Mike Fisher, trying to get the kids under control. But, apparently, it didn’t work, because they just kept on going. When asked if she had a couple of entertainers on her hands, Underwood replied, “I think so, they’re not shy.”

Carrie Underwood Talks Favorite Songs on New Album ‘Denim & Rhinestones’

Denim & Rhinestones came out last Friday (here’s exactly what I thought about it), and Carrie Underwood recently revealed her favorite songs from her ninth studio album. In conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Underwood shared that she loves “Pink Champagne,” “Crazy Angels,” and “Garden.”

“It wouldn’t have gotten on there if I didn’t love them,” she said. So, a safe bet that Underwood loves all the tracks on Denim & Rhinestones. Personally, I loved “Crazy Angels” as well, along with “Poor Everybody Else,” “She Don’t Know,” and the much celebrated single “Ghost Story.”

“Ghost Story,” for one, just has the vibes. It gives spooky haunted burlesque, pumped up by the video in the same vein. This is, of course, the song where Underwood employs her aerial stunts at live shows. Listening to the song and imagining her hanging upside-down and singing adds another layer of impressive to this track.

“Poor Everybody Else” was a surprise on the album; it’s much more rock-inspired than the others. Underwood explores a new side of herself and her voice on this track, digging into her love of rock and roll.

The whole album feels 80s-City Pop-neon-rock and roll-inspired for an interesting aesthetic we’ve never had from Underwood before. It’s sparkly and shiny and fun, as she promised it would be. I, for one, am loving it.