Carrie Underwood Reflects on Journal Entry From Night She Won ‘American Idol’

by Jonathan Howard

It’s been 17 years since Carrie Underwood won American Idol as a 22-year-old Okie from Muskogee and catapulted her country music career. While not every winner of the singing competition makes it big, there are some that make it really big. Underwood is the shining example of what the show used to be able to do for a singer’s career.

Today, on the anniversary of her win, the singer-songwriter reflected with a picture from her journal. She was detailing every moment of her ride during the show. Underwood fans are going to love this little behind-the-scenes look at what was going through her mind the night of her big win.

Check out the post below.

“Today is the 17 year anniversary of my [American Idol] win! Where does the time go?” the caption reads. “Please enjoy a page from the journal of a 22-year-old farm girl who just had the most incredible night! I still feel the excitement through the pages! Happy anniversary to me and a forever ‘thank you’ to all who voted!”

The page that she shared, showed the feelings of an edited young woman who had just achieved her dreams. It’s a really cool piece of Underwood history that I’m sure folks will reflect on for many more years to come. The 39-year-old singer-songwriter has become a force in the music industry.

How about the revelation that the final two were given 2005 Ford Mustang convertibles? Seriously, that is not a perk I knew was part of the show. I wonder if Noah Thompson was able to walk away with a brand new Mustang this year?

Words From a Young Carrie Underwood Fresh Off ‘American Idol’ Win

Looking at those words, things were a whirlwind for the young singer back in 2005. I remember watching those early seasons of American Idol and I definitely remember the obsession that my cousin had with her around the same time. She still randomly sings Underwood songs! Safe to say, I don’t think the young woman who wrote that journal entry expected to become the star she is today.

“Anyways back to the story,” her journal reads. “Big moment. I took one more look at the amazing crowd and let it sink in for a few seconds. Ryan said something like, ‘and your 2005 American Idol is…’ my heart beat fast and I closed my eyes. ‘CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!'”

Check out the moment play out for yourself and relive the 2005 finale.

Now, 17 years later…countless awards, singles, and charted songs – she’s become an icon. There are few who don’t know her name, and the impact she has had on an entire generation of fans will never be able to be measured. Happy anniversary to Carrie Underwood and her American Idol win!