Carrie Underwood Releases Electrifying ‘Hate My Heart’ Music Video

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

Carrie Underwood is undoubtedly one of our favorite country music queens of break-up songs. And now her newest single, Hate My Heart is yet another girl-power anthem fitting of the American Idol alum’s signature style.

Underwood premiered the Hate My Heart music video just today on Wednesday, November 2 and it’s already becoming a sensation. As if we had any doubt, though! Much like Carrie Underwood’s wildly successful 2005 breakup song, Before He Cheats this new single brings upon some big-time girl power feels as the video begins with Underwood and pals feeling some major frustrations with their significant others. Each is slamming the door in their partner’s face before letting out a frustrated scream, declaring that each is now officially “done!”

We Can All Relate To Each Of These Post-Break-Up Moves On Some Level, Right?

After their coincided proclamations of being “done” Underwood and her group of girls head out to get started on their individual post-break-up routines. Underwood hits the gym, showing off just how incredibly fit the singer truly is. She inspires us all as she tackles the treadmill. And later pummels the punching bag, letting off steam to a group of shocked workout colleagues.

“Watch the brand new music video for #HateMyHeart now exclusively on Facebook!” shares Carrie Underwood’s Twitter page along with the link.

Other routines include gorging on ice cream while crying to a favorite go-to film, online shopping, and checking out the options that are out there by swiping through dating apps. However, the best moment comes as one of the friends in the video channels her best Before He Cheats moment, carving her name “Jenny” into the leather seats of a car. No doubt the perfect revenge for any country music fan!

Carrie Underwood Has Us Seeing Double In Hate My Heart Video

Of course, after the individual post-break-up routines comes the best moment of all according to the Hate My Heart Video. This, of course, is the going out with the group part of a breakup! As she wraps up her workout, Carrie Underwood messages her buddies with the message, “We’re Goin’ Out, Who’s IN?”

Each of the women grabs a drink at the bar while jamming to the live music. Eventually, they make their way to the front of the stage and are excited to watch their doubles perform on stage. All as the superstar version of Carrie Underwood rocks the anthem in the packed nightclub.

The “Post-break-up” Underwood stands face to face with rocker Underwood at one point in the song. She joins her double onstage after crowd-surfing to the front, eventually sharing the limelight with her doppelganger.