Carrie Underwood’s Return to Las Vegas Has Twitter Going Absolutely Nuts

by Jonathan Howard

Is there a better combo right now than Carrie Underwood and Las Vegas? Her “Reflection” residency has been a major hit. With huge, theatrical performances of some of her biggest hits from the past and present, it’s a show that Underwood fans won’t want to miss out on if they can help it. Just doin’ country music things.

Back in Las Vegas for some more shows, the singer-songwriter is riding a wave of popularity that hasn’t been seen in a while. Even by her standards. When you have new music on dropping, more on the way, and one of the best damn shows in the country – people react.

Check out these photos from the performances. It’s something to behold in still frames. So, imagine seeing it live.

While Underwood has always put on great shows, her Vegas residency has taken things to another level. It’s special when you get a residency. The Grammy-award winner has not wasted any part of her performance, either. The outfits are bigger, the sets larger, and the energy as a whole is elevated. It’s been a perfect recipe for success.

Check out this video that one fan took and posted online. It shows the effort and the work that she puts into each song. It also shows the vast size of the stage and the entire production.

The Care Bears (her most passionate fans) are out in full force. When you say that someone is trending or something like that, it sometimes doesn’t mean all that much. However, Underwood has been on a tear and that is clear if you go over to Twitter and check out what folks are saying about her.

Fans Are Losing it for Carrie Underwood in Vegas

The big Carrie Underwood fans are making it a priority to get out to Las Vegas. With her return to Sin City for these residency dates, fans have flooded in to catch the show. What better way to spend a day with a friend or loved one? Like these two fans that were more than excited to see their favorite star in action.

Okay, look, I said the sets and costumes were next level. But, seriously, you don’t understand the size or scale of the production until you see videos. This one shows one of the coolest moments of the entire show. If you don’t have a waterfall, are you doing Vegas right?

Sometimes, the journey is all about just that. In this case, the journey was just getting in the way of this fan from seeing Carrie Underwood in Las Vegas. However, it seems that things turned out just alright as they made it in time for the show the other night.

Is this residency the best performance in country music right now? Carrie Underwood is making that argument every night she takes the stage in Las Vegas.