Carrie Underwood Reveals Epic Photos During Performance with Guns N’ Roses

by Chris Haney

On Saturday night, country music superstar Carrie Underwood joined Guns N’ Roses on stage for the second night in a row during their shows in London, England. Her inclusion on a pair of songs each night comes after GNR lead singer Axl Rose joined Underwood on stage at this year’s Stagecoach Festival.

GNR played to a packed crowd at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on both July 1st and 2nd. The band was in town as part of their rescheduled tour of Europe from 2021. According to local reports in London, it took them more than an hour and a half to come out onto the stadium’s stage. However, once they got there, fans got their money’s worth and then some.

Both nights, Carrie Underwood was a surprise guest for their London stops. She may have been returning the favor since Rose joined her on stage in California in late April during her festival appearance. Underwood came out for duets with Rose as the pair rocked out to “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” and then “Paradise City” during the encore.

Underwood has been vocal in the past about her admiration for Axl Rose as a singer and Guns N’ Roses as a band. She made sure to post a series of pics from the London event earlier today and added a message of thanks to everyone who made it possible.

“Never in a million years did I think I would get to spend not one but TWO nights of my life on stage with @gunsnroses ! Thanks, again, to the band and crew and, of course, to the fantastic crowd! The energy was ⚡️⚡️⚡️!!! Until next time… #GunsNRoses #AxlRose #Slash #duffmckagan #london,” Carrie Underwood wrote on Instagram.

Carrie Underwood Said She Wanted to Sing With Axl Rose Back in 2015

On April 30th, Carrie Underwood headlined the 2022 Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California. That’s where she brought out GNR frontman Axl Rose for the same two songs they performed together in London.

Following their performance, both Rose and Underwood shared photos from the festival via social media. At the time, the country music singer called singing with Rose on stage the “best night” of her life. Additionally, she called it a “dream come true” and said that he rocked the Stagecoach stage “harder than anyone has ever rocked it before!” So yea, you could say she’s a fan of Guns N’ Roses.

In fact, Underwood spoke about the possibility of singing with Axl Rose back in 2015. During an interview with E! Online, she was asked who she’d like to sing with. She answered that Rose was at the top of her list, and now she can check that one off after their performances together in 2022.

“I really want to sing with Axl Rose at some point in my life,” Carrie Underwood said to E! Online. “I’ve covered enough Guns N’ Roses stuff and it was people like him who taught me how to sing. They were so different. I look at people like him and Freddie Mercury, those people who were doing all these crazy runs. It was so different.”