Carrie Underwood Reveals Meaning Behind ‘Ghost Story,’ How It’s ‘Different From Past Revenge Songs’

by Blake Ells

The “Denim & Rhinestones” era is upon on us, and Carrie Underwood is opening up about the stories behind the songs. For the CMT series “Hit Story,” Underwood talked about choosing the track “Ghost Story” which is currently burning up country music radio.

“I feel like ‘Ghost Story’ is different from kind of revenge type songs,” she said. “My character has just moved on. There is no revenge in a physical way. You’re not going back and destroying anybody’s property. You’re not doing anything like that. You’ve moved on and that’s kind of the best revenge. Moving on with your life and letting go and seeing what else is out there that might be even better. The other person just can’t do that.”

The single was written by David Garcia, Josh Kear and Hillary Lindsey, and Carrie Underwood clearly believes it has nothing in common with her biggest hit, “Before He Cheats.” Her character destroyed a lot of property in that one.

“These are all writers that I’ve written with many, many times,” she said of the songwriting team. “They got together wanting to write a song for me, and this is what they came up with. I loved the cinematicness of it. It was very imaginative. It was like a movie was playing in my head when I was listening to it. I love the chord changes and melody and things like that.”

Carrie Underwood said that she felt like the song challenged her vocally. That was largely because of the quick shifts in pitch.

“I felt like it was a song I could do a lot with,” she said. “You go from singing low to singing high very quickly with not a lot in between.”

Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Lyric

Carrie Underwood says that the song’s most memorable lyric is also one that she especially loves.

“I love, in the song, the lyric, ‘I’ll be haunting you. You’ll be wanting me,'” she said. “It’s just said in an interesting way that I’ve never really heard it before. The word ‘haunting.’ I’ll be ‘haunting’ you. It’s just weighty and moody and there’s something really cool about it.”

Check out the full conversation below.

The ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ Era

Carrie Underwood recently announced that she’ll return to the Grand Ole Opry in July to celebrate Barbara Mandrell. She’ll also perform at Country Concert 2022 in Fort Loramie, Ohio and at the Iowa State Fair.

In October, she’ll formally kick off the ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ Tour in Greenville, S.C. at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. It criss-crosses the country through April, including a stop in Nashville on March 1. For all of the dates and for ticket information, visit her website.