Carrie Underwood Shades Singers Who Can’t Hit High Notes in Concert: ‘Why’d You Record Them If You Can’t Sing Them’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood “takes pride” in her impressive vocal range, and she thinks every other recording artist should feel the same.

While chatting with Rolling Stone magazine, the 39-year-old songstress was not shy to admit that she’s always had high expectations for singers. When she watches them perform live, she hopes to hear the same talent that they showcase on the radio. But on too many occasions, she’s been horribly let down.

“Growing up and going to concerts or seeing my favorite artists on TV, if they didn’t sound like they were supposed to sound, it was always so deflating. I’d lose respect for them,” she said. “Or when I’d go to a concert and hear them drop keys, I was like, ‘You can’t hit the notes! Why’d you record them if you can’t sing them?’ That stuff is important to me.”

Carrie Underwood has been successful enough in her own career to complain, of course. As most people know, she broke into the country music industry in 2005 after her flawless voice won American Idol. And she went on to earn eight Grammy awards. Her ability to hit notes live also earned her the ACM Top New Female Vocalist of the Year in 2006.

The Jesus Take the Wheel singer continues to wrack up similar awards to this day. And she claims that it’s because she works hard for her career.

“I love to sing,” Underwood continued. “And I’ve always taken pride in the work I’ve put in on my vocals. I do want to sound good.”

Carrie Underwood Grew up Idolizing Axl Rose

The mother of two, who is currently on the road with her Denim & Rhinestone tour, didn’t name any names when it came to singers who dropped the ball on stage. However, she happily shared who never fails to impress her—Axl Rose.

Growing up, Carrie Underwood actually attempted to emulate his voice while trying to perfect her own. And the classic rock star is still her idol to this day.

“His voice always mesmerized me,” she admitted. “I was like, ‘How is he doing the things that he’s doing?’”

The singer finally got to have her fangirl moment with the Guns N’ Roses frontman this summer when she performed Paradise City and Sweet Child O’ Mine together at Stagecoach. Singing a duet with Axl Rose was right at the top of her bucket list.

“I’ve been covering Guns N’ Roses my whole life, pretty much… I had asked before if he would ever come sing, or if I could come to him somewhere,” she shared. But for years, all she got was “a couple almost maybes.”

“I sent him an email and said, ‘We’re so close to you,’ and explained … what he meant to me,” she continued. “And he came! We had rehearsals and everything went very smoothly. It was easy for all of us to be around each other. Hopefully, he had a good time.”