Carrie Underwood Set to Run Las Vegas Residency Back in 2023

by Lauren Boisvert

For those of you who missed Carrie Underwood‘s Reflection residency in Las Vegas, here’s some good news; looks like she’ll be bringing it back in 2023. She played her last show on May 21, and shared some photos and highlight reels on her Twitter and Instagram.

“Here’s a look back at just a little bit of the fun we’ve had in Vegas with #REFLECTION this year!” she wrote on Twitter, accompanying a highlight video of her shows. “Until next year, @ResortsWorldLV! #CUin2023#CUinVegas.”

So, it looks like Carrie Underwood will definitely be back with her amazing live show in 2023. She also teased the return in an earlier tweet featuring her two sons Isaiah and Jacob. The pair were sporting matching jackets emblazoned with their mother’s name in gold. “We’ll be back!” Underwood wrote. We don’t know exactly when yet, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled and our ears open for more news.

Underwood opened at Resorts World Theatre in December 2021, lighting up and selling out the newest and largest stage in Las Vegas at every show. The highlight reel shows insane pyrotechnics, water, aerial stunts, and plenty of denim and rhinestones, which is extremely on brand for Carrie Underwood right now.

Following her residency, she’ll be kicking off her Denim & Rhinestones tour on October 15 in Greenville, SC. Jimmie Allen is joining her on the road, and he has his own album coming out on June 24. Underwood’s album comes out June 10. Hopefully, she’ll incorporate some of the cool effects and stunts from her Reflection show into the Denim & Rhinestones Tour.

Carrie Underwood Ends Las Vegas Residency, But Gears Up For Tour; Plus, New Music From the Upcoming Album

Underwood recently released some cool new stuff from the album, like the music video for “Ghost Story,” and the new song “She Don’t Know.” The music video gives off spooky burlesque vibes, while the new song is like a small town “Ghost Story”; or a grown up “Before He Cheats.”

It tells the story of a woman who meets her husband’s mistress in the grocery store. Instead of getting angry and, say, destroying a truck, she says simply, “you can have him.” I thought this song encapsulated how far Carrie Underwood has come with her music. She’s writing and choosing songs that reflect the sentiments of her older music, but she’s grown up now, older, wiser, and chooses songs with characters who fit that mindset.

The speaker in “She Don’t Know” destroys something precious to her husband like the speaker in “Before He Cheats” does to her boyfriend; only now, the precious thing is their relationship, not a truck. She decides to send a message by leaving the man, instead of taking her frustration out on material objects. This choice is much more devastating, but it also shows a lot of growth.