Carrie Underwood Talks About Influences for New ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ Album

by Lauren Boisvert

Carrie Underwood dropped her newest album, Denim & Rhinestones, on June 10, and since then, it’s been the feel-good album that we needed this summer. She promised us “sing into your hairbrush” fun, and that’s what she delivered. Denim & Rhinestones is bubbly, sparkly, and gives delightful summertime nightlife vibes. It’s perfect for going out with your friends like in “Crazy Angels,” or haunting your ex like in “Ghost Story,” or getting drunk off of love like “Pink Champagne.”

Recently, Carrie Underwood spoke with AP Entertainment about her album and its influences. “The influence for this album […] we decided not to fight against things that they didn’t sound a certain way, we just wanted to make music that we love and that made us happy. I feel like, over the past couple years, we’ve all needed to have happy things to focus on.”

Underwood–who recently performed flawlessly on Good Morning America–mentioned that she and her team weren’t sure if they would be able to tour the new album, but wrote it like they were. “When we were writing the album, recording the album, it was like, we’re going to write this, record this, make music as if we know we’re going to be going on the road,” she said. “And we, you know, didn’t [know].”

She continued, “And just wanting to be happy; I feel like that was what all of this was about. Just having fun, making music I love, obviously. Influences work their way out and into whatever it is I’m working on, so we just didn’t fight them.”

Carrie Underwood Discusses Album Influence, Totally Nailed the Vibe

We’re entering a new era of Carrie Underwood right now; one that’s bedazzled to the gills and shining under neon lights. Whenever she performs now, she’s appropriately decked out in both denim and rhinestones. I feel like she’s really leaning into the theme wholeheartedly. It’s essentially an offshoot of who she is; she’s created an album that feels like a broken-off piece of her personality.

She said recently that she likes to consider her albums as “eras”; “I love to fully immerse myself in the eras that I get to create,” she said on Good Morning America, “and the songs that I get to make. And I feel like I’m just living, I’m just living in this beautiful world in denim and rhinestones and it just makes me happy.”

So, for Underwood to admit that she didn’t fight any influence, and just let the music come to her; shows how dedicated she is to her craft. Also, it seems like she needed a fun album, too. And Denim & Rhinestones is just that: fun. She totally nailed the vibe in one when she said they made fun music.

Denim & Rhinestones, for me, is everything this summer needed. The pool, a Cosmopolitan, big sunglasses, and Denim & Rhinestones; the perfect summer checklist.