Carrie Underwood Talks Vegas Residency: ‘That Show Is Such a Confidence Booster’

by Lauren Boisvert

Carrie Underwood is dedicated to her Denim & Rhinestones era now, but previously she was part of another era, if I may call it that; her Reflection era, the Las Vegas residency she held this year that she’ll actually be bringing back in 2023. Speaking recently with Audacy’s Rob + Holly, Underwood explained how much of a confidence builder that show was.

“I feel like being in Vegas and having that show is such a confidence booster as a performer […] I feel like some switch flipped and now being on stage is just even more fun than ever,” she explained. “I feel like there’s a lot of things I can take from what we did in Vegas, but overall it’s just wanting to get out there and just feeling like that’s more my happy place than it’s ever been before.”

Underwood has previously spoken about her social anxiety around being in crowds. It seems like performing almost every night in Vegas helped ease some of that nervousness. Now, it seems, she feels more confident on stage, in front of crowds, giving her all and loving it.

Additionally, she has an entire set design that she can take pieces from to implement in her upcoming tour. Like, for instance, the “Ghost Story” aerial stunts. Or the wall of water, or the many fabulous wardrobe changes. Hopefully, some of those Vegas elements will make it into the Denim & Rhinestones Tour. The tour kicks off in October and goes until March 2023. Jimmie Allen is also joining Underwood on the road. He has a new album coming out as well; Tulip Drive drops on June 24.

Carrie Underwood Talks Confidence, Plus Recently Spoke About ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ Influences

Speaking with AP Entertainment recently, Carrie Underwood discussed the influences on the new album, and how she didn’t really say no to anything creatively.

“The influence for this album […] we decided not to fight against things that they didn’t sound a certain way, we just wanted to make music that we love and that made us happy,” she said. “I feel like, over the past couple years, we’ve all needed to have happy things to focus on.”

The vibe on Denim & Rhinestones is fun, flirty, and summery. Its a lot of neon, sparkles, and hanging out with your friends. Carrie Underwood definitely nailed it. She continued, “And just wanting to be happy; I feel like that was what all of this was about. Just having fun, making music I love, obviously. Influences work their way out and into whatever it is I’m working on, so we just didn’t fight them.”

Before the album came out, Underwood expressed that she was making an album we could all sing into our hairbrushes and jump around our bedrooms to. And, if I may be so bold, Carrie Underwood did just that. She essentially released the soundtrack to summer 2022. Who else do you know could do that?