Carrie Underwood Teases Sneak Peek of ‘Awesome’ ‘Denim & Rhinestones’ Experience in Downtown Nashville: PHOTOS

by Jonathan Howard

This weekend in Nashville is going to be wild. Country music star Carrie Underwood is part of that with a new exhibit downtown. At the Historic Bell Tower in Nashville, this weekend is an exhibit for Underwood’s Denim & Rhinestones album that is coming out soon. She’s an absolute superstar and things like this are part of the reason why she is so successful.

The singer-songwriter made the announcement earlier this week and as things get started in downtown Music City, fans will be shuffling in and out of the exhibit. So, Outsiders, are you ready? The sneak peek photos that she shared are awesome. Also, they show plenty of great settings for fans to take photos, so get your Instagram accounts fired up.

Check out the post below and see it for yourself.

“Come check out The Denim & Rhinestones Experience tomorrow through this weekend at The Bell Tower in Downtown Nashville! I got a sneak peek and it’s awesome!”

A rose-covered swing… angel wings… a ball pit… and a whole lot of sparkle and dazzle. Denim & Rhinestones could probably be the title of Carrie Underwood’s biography. It just encapsulates her look and style so well, and when that new album comes out tomorrow, fans are going to finally get to hear all the new tracks.

If you are in Nashville this weekend, it is a great weekend to be there. Hit up the Denim & Rhinestones Experience. Check out the NASCAR action going on as well. And, of course, hit up a honky tonk and a bar or two.

This isn’t just the end of it, either. Carrie Underwood has planned this down to the last detail. So, get ready for a special performance.

Carrie Underwood Makes Weekend Album Release Special

So, she’s got an entire exhibit for her fans in The Bell Tower. The singer-songwriter also performed from the venue earlier today on a live stream. She played songs from the upcoming album, but if you didn’t catch it live on Twitch or Amazon, then it’s too late now.

While that is a downer, there are only minutes until the Underwood album drops. The exhibit is awesome, and the performance was even better, but the album Denim & Rhinestones is bound to blow fans away. She’s defined a generation and then some of country music and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.

So, Outsiders, what are you most excited about tomorrow? Will the Carrie Underwood album be on your list of things to do? This new album is sure to set the singer up for some great award opportunities and other honors. Nothing can stop Underwood.