Carrie Underwood Tells Wild Story About Spending Her Birthday ‘Ghost Hunting’ at Haunted Castle

by TK Sanders

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood recently shared a fun story about ghost hunting on her birthday during a radio interview.

When she was in the midst of her famed Las Vegas residency earlier this year, Underwood dropped a new single titled “Ghost Story” that details the fallout from a bad breakup. The song features a slower, more cryptic tone than her traditional country rock fare, which provides listeners a much more eerie atmosphere.

“I’ll be haunting you, you’ll be wanting me,” she promises her ex-lover in the song — a lover who, according to Underwood, will be be “sitting home drinkin’ bout me/when I’m out with my friends at the bar.”

Like a real life ghost story, the song promises revenge and scorn for any future loves that dare cross her path. But how much of the song is creative license, and how much of it comes from seeing actual ghosts? More former than latter, but Underwood found some inspiration for the dark love song in a real-life haunted castle.

Carrie Underwood spent her birthday searching for ghosts in a haunted European castle

“This was a few years ago, I had a birthday, and we were in Scotland and I was like, okay, if I’m going to spend my birthday in Scotland, I want to stay at a haunted castle,” Underwood told Today’s Country Radio, as reported by PopCulture. “And they found one for me in Inverlochy.”

Underwood said the best part about the experience was getting to stay in the castle with her entire band and crew.

“And we like drove a bit out of our way to stay there, but it was so cool because the entire castle was like the perfect size for like me and my band and my crew. Like, we all got to stay there. We all had this giant night dinner at like this long table. And they bought me like a ghost hunting kit. So then we had dinner and like a scotch tasting and stuff. But afterwards we went ghost hunting, and I had a Geiger counter. And I was like, trying to find… I didn’t find any.”

For those Outsiders who prefer to sleep with a night light, a Geiger counter is a legitimate scientific instrument. It’s used for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation. Ghost hunters carry them to try to observe unnatural spikes in energetic movement; and use the evidence as proof positive that something ethereal exists.

“It zipped at me like a couple times, but we didn’t see any ghosts. And I was like taking pictures, thinking I’m going to like look back at these pictures. I’m going to see ghosts,” Underwood continued. “Yeah. But it was fun running around in the dark, looking for ghosts on my birthday.”

Alas, Carrie Underwood didn’t find any real ghosts on her birthday in Scotland, but hopefully she’ll keep using her own ghosts as inspiration for hit country songs we love.