Carrie Underwood’s Son Goes on Special Hunting Trip With His Dad, Mike Fisher: PHOTO

by Samantha Whidden
Photo by Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images)

With Fall 2022 officially in full swing, Carrie Underwood’s son Isaiah headed off on a special hunting trip with his dad, Mike Fisher, over the weekend.

In his latest post, Carrie Underwood’s husband shared details about the exciting hunting trip. “A few days late but Saturday was [National Hunting and Fishing Day] so Izzy and I got out in the woods! I have some great memories as a kid hunting with my dad and I’m grateful he passed it down to me.”

Carrie Underwood’s spouse went on to share that while some don’t like hunting, it’s important to get out and enjoy the outdoors with children. “I know not everyone likes to hunt, but the more we can get ourselves and our kids outside in God’s creation the better.” 

Fisher’s followers gushed about the time he spent with his son. “This is awesome!” One follower wrote. “That would be an awesome ministry. Taking  kids hunting is my passion!” 

Another follower added, “My husband is barely missing your wife’s opening night show in Greenville on the annual family bore hunting trip…I was going to tag along so they could drop me off at the show…sad it didn’t work out. But Izzy looks like he is having a blast.”

Carrie Underwood Swore She Would Never Marry a Hunter When She Was Younger 

Good Morning America reported that in 2020’s Mike and Carrie: God and Country four-part series, Carrie Underwood revealed her previous thoughts about being involved with a man who hunts. 

“I always swore I would never marry a hunter as a child,” Carrie Underwood stated. “I would never. Not in a million years.”

Fisher, who is a hunter, reacted to Carrie Underwood’s statement with a laugh and smile. “Carie does not like hunting one bit,” Fisher explained. To which Underwood replied, “If he could be a vegan/vegetarian, my life would be almost perfect.” 

However, they managed to develop some sort of compromise when it comes to Fisher’s hunting hobby. “One of the compromises is that I wouldn’t have beef,” he shared. “And that I’d shoot all my meat, with few exceptions.”

Carrie Underwood replied that she understands the value of Fisher’s outdoor time. “I would see how he would go and … have that fellowship with other men. And I feel like men need to get together and … have that bro time. I don’t know what goes on there. I don’t ask. But he definitely comes home and … you can tell he feels fulfilled.” 

Although they share different views when it comes to hunting, their Christian views are what really brings Fisher and Carrie Underwood together. “We know God brought us together and [we] trust his judgment,” Underwood explained.