Chapel Hart Hits Grand Ole Opry Stage for First Time Ever And Absolutely Crushes It: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden

Country music trio Chapel Hart had an exciting Saturday night when they took to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee for the very first time. 

In an Instagram post, the Grand Ole Opry shared a video of the America’s Got Talent group performing on its stage. “Golden buzzer [to] Opry stage. Chapel Hart stepped into the circle for the very first time tonight! The invite to play came after a sweet Twitter exchange over some triple-layer German Chocolate Cake.”

The Grand Ole Opry also announced that Chapel Hart will be returning for another performance on October 8th. Prior to their performance, the group shared their excitement on Instagram. “DAY 7… WE CELEBRATE!!! Tonight is the night,” the trio shared. Along with the performance, the America’s Got Talent alums also had a meet and greet afterparty with Wyn Starks. 

Chapel Hart Opens Up About Their ‘America’s Got Talent’ Journey 

While speaking to Taste of Country last month, the ladies of Chapel Hart spoke about how they ended up on America’s Got Talent in the first place. 

“We were actually scheduled to go on tour with the Indigo Girls, and one of them got sick with COVID,” Chapel Hart bandmate Trea Swindle explained. “[America’s Got Talent scout] Lindsay Rush had reached out a couple of times. Maybe more than a couple of times.” 

Although they originally told Rush they weren’t interested in competing, eventually, Chapel Hart decided to go for it. “It’s the best decision we almost didn’t make,” Swindle shared.

Chapel Hart Bandmates Talk About Interactions With Simon Cowell

Chapel Hart’s Swindle also spoke about how surprised she and the other bandmates were by judge Simon Cowell’s personality away from the cameras. “Honestly, I feel like Simon has gotten a little softer over the years.”

Chapel Hart’s Danica Hart pointed out that Cowell had a child a few years ago and that might be why he became soft. “I think that being a parent has really softened him, so now I feel like he looks at it like, ‘What if that was my kid?’” 

Hart further said that she didn’t expect the kind of interactions she had with Cowell. “He was so kind. He’s like, ‘I’m rooting for y’all, I love what you’re doing.’ I was still waiting for him to say something mean. I’m like, ‘All right, go ahead and say it!’” 

In regards to their “made it moment” being on America’s Got Talent, Chapel Hart’s Swindle isn’t upset about it. “It might not be as frustrating as it seems, because we’ve been told ‘no’ so much. The nos become motivation. It’s kind of more validating. We aren’t crazy. We do have something the world is ready for, even if some people might not have thought that. Now we’ve put our foot out there, and the way it’s been received… you can’t really hate that.”