Chapel Hart Makes Opry Debut After ‘America’s Got Talent’ Wraps

by Blake Ells

Chapel Hart made a massive splash on American’s Got Talent this year. The Mississippi trio of two sisters and their cousin have been hard at the road for several years. But they never quite found their audience. That all changed when they took a leap into the reality singing competition. Simon Cowell was an instant fan, and they earned a rare golden buzzer that automatically advanced them to the live shows. The show wrapped last week, and while they made the finals alongside another country newcomer, Drake Milligan, neither won.

But who won, really? Because just days after the performance, Chapel Hart made their debut at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The performance at the show that made country music famous was supposed to take place earlier this summer. They’d scheduled it shortly after they made their debut on the television show, but there was a scheduling conflict. On Saturday, the wait was over. And everyone in attendance was there for Chapel Hart. That’s despite the evening having a pretty stacked lineup and another important milestone to recognize.

Jeannie Seely celebrated her 55th year as a member of the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, too. She was informed during her introduction that she has performed on that stage more than any artist in the history of the Opry. That is, she’s played the show some 5,000 plus times during those 55 years. It was a remarkable milestone, and she was exactly the person that needed to be on hand to introduce a groundbreaking act.

Jeannie Seely Introduces Chapel Hart to the Grand Ole Opry

After a long wait for audience members, it was time for the girls from Mississippi to shine. Jeannie Seely came to introduce them as the night’s final act.

“The circle will not be broken,” she said as she welcomed Chapel Hart to the stage.

The girls performed three songs, as is the standard at the show. They also got three standing ovations, which doesn’t always happen. They sandwiched their track called “American Pride” in the middle, and they asked military veterans to raise their hands to be recognized during the moment. It’s one of the songs that they played during the America’s Got Talent finale, and Danica Hart claimed to have “messed it up” because she was crying. She definitely didn’t on Saturday. Check it out below.

They wrapped their performance with an energetic, rousing rendition of their biggest original hit, “You Can Have Him Jolene.” It had folks dancing in the aisles of the hallowed venue. It’s a track that earned the trio recognition from Dolly Parton herself.

Moments like Chapel Hart’s debut at the Grand Ole Opry define eras in a genre. It was a groundbreaking moment where generations of people welcomed an act to one of the most legendary stages in country music; an act that has had plenty of problems breaking down doors. Next up, Darius Rucker will bring the girls along for his forthcoming record, and their trajectory will only continue to soar. They also announced their next date at the Grand Ole Opry during the performance. They’ll return on October 8. That’s pretty soon, so maybe they’re about to be a fixture on the stage.