Charley Crockett Releases the First Single from His Upcoming Album ‘The Man from Waco’

by Clayton Edwards

You’d be hard-pressed to find a harder-working artist in country music than Charley Crockett. Currently, Crockett is on the road and splitting his time between playing headlining shows and festival slots. In April, he released his latest album of classic country covers, Jukebox Charley. Yesterday, he released the first single from his upcoming album The Man from Waco.

Fans of Charley Crockett won’t be surprised by this move. The Texas-born artist has kept to the same formula for the past few years. He releases an album of covers followed by an album of original music. With two albums featuring Crockett’s signature style and song-picking savvy every year, everyone wins especially the fans.

“I’m Just a Clown” is a soulful, up-tempo track with plenty of Memphis-flavored brass and bluesy guitar work. The lyrics, though, seem to examine the worst parts of being a traveling performer. “I’ve paid the cost to hang around / So take a look at me, I’m just a clown.” Check it out below.

Charley Crocket teased new music earlier this month with a cryptic tweet. It contained a video of Crockett carrying a guitar case and walking through a sun-blasted Texas landscape. In the post’s caption, he wrote “Like the lonesome and high country he was lost in a haze.”

Charley Crockett Treads New Ground with The Man From Waco

Those who have been listening to Charley Crockett for any amount of time will notice that the new single sounds a little different than the rest of his discography. It’s not that he’s switching up his sound so much as he is taking it to the next level.

Music Row reported that Charley Crockett made some serious changes to his recording process for The Man from Waco. Most importantly, this will be the first album to feature his live band, The Blue Drifters. Additionally, he changed producers for this record. Crockett has been working with producer Billy Horton for quite some time. For his latest project, he enlisted his manager, singer-songwriter, and The Next Waltz host Bruce Robinson to produce the record.

Usually, Charley Crockett includes a couple of covers on his albums of original songs. That isn’t the case with the upcoming record. Crockett wrote or co-wrote every track on The Man from Waco. This change further sets this one apart from the rest of his catalog.

Charley Crockett and the Blue Drifters recorded The Man from Waco in Robinson’s studio, The Bunker. They captured all of the songs live and nailed most of them in one take. About working with Robinson at The Bunker, Crockett said, “I just wanted an honest partnership: do it at your place, live to tape, everybody in the room. The magic is in the performances on that tape. That’s what Bruce wanted to do.”

The Man from Waco drops on September 9th via Son of Davy/Thirty Tigers. You can pre-order your copy now.