Chase Rice Recalls Life Talk Matthew McConaughey Gave Him at Kenny Chesney’s Party

by Suzanne Halliburton
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Chase Rice was talking Texans. They’ve inspired some of his new music. And he remembered the time Matthew McConaughey, a vocal rep of the Lone Star State, gave him some life advice.

And because it came from McConaughey, know that the life tips came at a rapid-fire clip, with a hint of humor and a whole lot of wide-eyed zany.

Chase Rice told Outsider that he met McConaughey a couple of years ago. They both were guests at a party thrown by country music star Kenny Chesney. Rice frequently plays shows in Texas, as does Chesney, who was briefly married to Texan Renee Zellweger, who coincidentally, went to college with McConaughey.

Rice, a former linebacker for the North Carolina Tar Heels, told McConaughey how much he enjoyed a recent speech he gave to the Texas Longhorn football team.

“I told him the speech that I’d seen him at the Texas football team was awesome,” Chase Rice told Outsider. “I’d seen it just a couple days before. And he goes right into the speech. We just had a laugh about that.”

(William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

McConaughey told Chase Rice ‘We’re Rollin’ Baby’

Then Rice said he brought up an article that he’d recently read about McConaughey. Rice told him “you got married, now you got a couple of kids on the way or whatever. It’s cool to see you settling down. He looked at me with a crazy look.”

Chase Rice got really animated as his voice rose to describe the next thing McConaughey said.

“He’s like ‘settling down! I ain’t settling down. We’re rolling baby!’ And he was so fired up to preach to me that he wasn’t settling down. And I don’t think he has. Man that guy loves adventure, and he loves life. He’s a really cool dude.

“He may not have slowed down,” Rice continued. “He’s probably going fast. But he’s just doing it in different ways.” Then Rice added, again, “He’s awesome.”

To think, a question about whether the 37-year-old Rice was thinking about having a family, prompted the McConaughey anecdote. (A family, Rice says “is in the plans.”). McConaughey, who is about to be 53, didn’t get married until he was 42. He was in his late 30s when McConaughey and then-girlfriend Camila Alves, had their oldest son, Levi.

These days, Chase Rice is living the single life of a country star. He hangs out with his best friend Jack, who is aces at retrieving ducks. Jack, a 60-pound black Lab, currently is at duck camp. He’ll join his human, on tour with Jason Aldean, in a couple of weeks.

Rice also is busy making new music. On Wednesday, he announced his new single “Way Down Yonder.” The song and music video drops at 12:01 a.m. Friday. Check out the Outsider review of the song.